Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Beach Boys Good Vibrations Get Things Off To A Great Start.

Seventeen years ago my somewhat humdrum, stick in the mud, sort of life became transformed, when, Tricia, my partner, to the accompaniment of 'The Beach Boys' singing 'Good Vibrations', gave birth to our son, George.
They were not actually in the room with us. The 'Beach Boys' I mean. No they had to stay in the corridor outside. Sorry. I am being silly. They were on the radio. Anyway, I remember thinking as I watched my son being born. Urrgghh...! Sorry again. I remember thinking that 'Good Vibrations was a great tune to be born to.
There was a lot of screaming and shoving going on in the labour room. But eventually the nursing staff, let me out.
Nine months earlier both Tricia and myself had been somewhat taken aback to find out that she was pregnant. We were in our mid to late forties at the time and to be honest we both thought that our child rearing days were well behind us.
We had of course been responsible adults, and taken sensible precautions against such an event happening. Well, I say we. I should perhaps say Tricia had taken precautions. Her main one being to keep me locked out of the bedroom. All I can think of by way of explaining her pregnancy, is the time we both got hungry in the middle of the night and met unexpectedly in the kitchen. Where she, in a moment of reckless abandonment, suddenly realised what she had been denying herself, and despite my vigorous protests, took advantage of my kind and generous nature. Several times.
It has been wonderful these last seventeen years, watching my extremely handsome son grow up. He started playing football at a very young age, and I have so enjoyed watching him play. He is good enough to have won lots of medals and trophies over the years. I have watched him win best player award at several football camps. One of my favourite football memories was watching him score a goal on the pitch at Goodison Park, home of Everton football club in Liverpool. A club of which George's great Grandfather on his Mothers side, was one of the founding members and which we staunchly support.
He also has a great interest in wildlife, flora and fauna, and we have enjoyed finding out lots of things together on our nature walks and wild camping trips. We both enjoy bushcraft. There is not much to beat building a basic shelter in the woods with your son, and cooking over a campfire.
These activities are becoming less as he builds new friendships and starts his journey into adulthood. This is probably just as well for me. I am getting older too. I am ready to lead a more sedate lifestyle. Not too sedate though. I am not ready to give up just yet. There is still a lot of life left in this old dog. But I am pleased that I have been able to be a hands on type of Dad. I know men younger than me who find Fatherhood exhausting.
George gave me a new lease of life. At forty six I think it is fair to say that a lot of men begin to think about taking things a bit easier. I began to live again. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to do so.
Although Tricia and I are no longer partners, we are still the very best of friends, there for one another, and still see each other every day. I will always be grateful to her for the gift of our son.
What's brought on all this introspection, you may be wondering? It was Fathers day. My son bought me Sunday lunch. It was delicious.
He also made a great sacrifice for me. At a time when he could have been out with his pals, he came and watched his Dad perform at the open mic night. It must have been hell for him. But he didn't flinch from it. Once again he made his old Dad proud.
Yes. It has been a wonderful seventeen years. Here's to the next seventeen. But I will not be visiting the kitchen in the wee small hours again. Cheers!


  1. What a wonderful extremely handsome son. It is obvious that he enjoys your company and I am sure he is as proud to be your son as you are to be his father. I have to say that even though he has been gone for a long time, I still think of my father and miss him so. But I have beautiful memories of him and that is what your extremely handsome son will have for a long time. It is funny to me that your extremely handsome son is only seventeen. I have two grandchildren who are older than that and we are the same age. If you think being a father is a great experience, just wait until you are a grandfather. By the way, the Beach Boys is a good choice but perhaps I would have preferred something different. Maybe some Buddy Holly.

  2. My husband became a father to his third child, my daughter at the age of 48. I think he enjoyed being a father more at this age and didn't sweat the small stuff. I love that picture of you two together and am glad that you had a wonderful Father's Day. Did you know that Father's Day originated in my fair city of Spokane, Washington?

  3. What a great post, and your sense of humor keeps me chuckling. You've got a lovely lad there but I am sure he thinks the same of you, a great father. Happy Belated Father's Day!

  4. I love you sense of humour. George is undoubtedly a fine son to have, but you're equally as undoubtedly a fine father to have. Pity you weren't born earlier - you might have been my dad. I would have loved that. Lol

  5. I do so love reading your stories. You add just the right amount of wit to them.
    You've obviously raised your son well that he chose to honor you on father's day.

  6. Great tale! Nice to meet your son. I was doing high school art class to "Good Vibrations" and "Hey Little Cobra" but that was in the 1960s.

  7. Belated Father's Day wishes and it seems you had a very fine day to spend it with your handsome son, George.

  8. A handsome photo of both of you! You are a great story teller! Ever think of writing these memories down?