Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Love God. He's Not So Hot.

I have a confession to make regarding my last blog post. These lovely ladies aren't really my latest dates. The whole thing is a sham. Of course you probably guessed as much, but just in case any of you thought that the post was true I thought it best to come clean. Besides which I am sure that nobody would believe I could describe myself in such glowing, self glorifying over the top, terminology. Even if it's true. Would they? Oh dear! Really!
The ladies are all happily married. Their husbands are all just out of shot, keeping a close eye on me, and I can't say I blame them. With my looks and charismatic personality it is easy to see why they might see me as a threat.
These lovely people are my friends and we are out enjoying an open mic night. For anyone who might be wondering what an open mic night is, it is simply an opportunity for anyone, singers, musicians, poets, comedians etc to get up and entertain. I, needless to say, am all of the above things. Also it is a great place for any aspiring young entertainers to learn their trade and hone their acts.
What has happened in this photo is that I have just finished singing and all the women have become besotted with me. Oh good grief ! Here I go again!
Let me try again. The truth this time. No silly flights of fancy. Here goes then. We were all having a lovely time in the pub. I was sitting with the ladies. We were chatting away happily, and even though they are all married they were trying their hardest to get my phone number out of me. No! No! That is not true. I am drifting once more into the realms of fantasy. Forgive me please. I'll get there in the end.
The conversation got round to the dating site I have recently joined. They wanted to know how I was getting on. How many women I had met. Had I met anyone I really liked. Things like that. The upshot was that I said I would tell all about it on my next blog post. That is when the idea came to me for this photograph. I asked them if they would mind looking at me as though they were completely smitten, and they happily went along with it. Actually it was quite simple. To be honest they were already looking at me adoringly. I have this effect on the ladies. It is something I have had to learn to live with. Life can be so unbelievably cruel sometimes. Oops! Here I go again. Sorry about that.
The truth is that the dating is not going well. Oh, there have been lots of messages from women who would like to meet me, that much is true, and I have responded to a few. But nothing has happened yet. Also I have not written to any of the women first. I just wait for them to make the initial contact. I don't think that is the way it should be. But it is the way it is. I am nervous of rejection. There has been enough of that in my life. I am a failure.
Oh, that is so sweet of you to disagree and I know you mean well. But it is true. I am a failed date site has been. Or perhaps that should be, hasn't been.
Underneath this happy,confident, 'Jack the lad' exterior is a quiet, shy, and somewhat disillusioned man. Why I ask myself should I want a relationship again, when I have made myself and others so unhappy in the past. Perhaps it would be better if I remained on my own. Where, if I am honest I am quite happy.
Life is simple, uncomplicated. I don't want for anything. I see my extremely handsome Son and his mother when I want to. I have friends. I get out and about. Go places. I have my music. My art. My pets. My freedom.
Why complicate things with a new partner? Of course I have asked myself this question a hundred times, a thousand times, and still do not know the answer. The best I can come up with is that people are not designed to live alone. We need someone to share the highs and the lows. Perhaps companionship is a basic essential of life. It is an established fact that married people live longer than unmarried. Hey! I just had a thought. Maybe it only seems longer.
God! I've started rambling again. What do I know about life or relationships? Except how to make a mess of it.
Where is Sadie the German Shepherd? My faithful friend. I need a hug.   No photographs of this event will be shown. Sadie and I are both terribly shy. Anyway I don't expect you will ever believe anything I say again. Photograph or not.


  1. Maybe I'll buy your stories and maybe I won't but one thing for sure is that I will always leave here entertained :)

  2. I do think that at times you confuse being alone with being lonely. Of course it might be nice to have a companion at times, but I think you are probably rather set in your ways. Having to deal with another human all the time would quickly make you ready to be alone again. Perhaps a "sometimes" friend is what you want. Unfortunately, I will bet that the dating sites are full of people wanting something more permanent. (I guess I am an amateur psychologist today... or maybe just a know-it-all) Anyway, I was once told by a dear fiend that things would happen when I least expected it. He was right and even though it ended poorly, it was a fun ride for a while. So expect nothing and see what happens.

  3. John, thanks for clearing up the dating story cause I was one of those who would have taken what you wrote at face value. After all you are so charming, witty and personable online then why wouldn't women be just adoring you...whoops I got caught up after reading your blog (sorry). Seriously, if one must, Emma does make a good point about the distinction of being alone vs. being lonely.

  4. Well, I did wonder how you pulled it off that fast ;-) It sounds like you have a wonderful life as it is. I don't know if I could get back into the dating scene if I had to. I might be just as content to be alone.

  5. Being the new girl on the block I can't offer much of an opinion. However, looking at the picture of you with the ladies I'd say you get on very well with our splendid sex. Carry on enjoying yourself, the rest will follow in its own time. I have a friend in the US who joined one dating agency after another. He hasn't found a woman yet that he can spend time with.

  6. Thanks for those kind words Ann.
    Emma, you always hit the nail on the head, and seem to read me like a book (no pun intended).
    Beatrice and kden, sorry for confusing you.
    A Mixed Bag. Valerie, your opinion is valued. Some of my posts can be a little serious or sad, and I try to lighten the mood and be amusing sometimes.

  7. I have to ask... Was it my insightful philosophy that was so sharp or my being a know-it-all? Sometimes I come across rather strong, I'm afraid. At the same time, there are moments when I feel that I do read you like a book. Perhaps I was your obnoxious (slightly) older sister in another life?

  8. Emma, it was your insightful philosophy I was referring to. It is appreciated greatly. I admire a strong woman. You do not seem obnoxious to me.

  9. Someone taught you to be chivalrous or perhaps your quick mind picked it up on its own. I am the oldest of seven siblings, so I tend to be bossy at times. It is not intended but I do find that it gets things done more quickly.