Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Sad Pathetic Attempt To Make My Blog Look As Good As Yours.

This is a practice session. The second practice session. The first one complete with pictures has vanished into thin air. After nearly an hours work too.
This is not a genuine old toilet. I made it last year after a visit to the Weald and Downland Museum. I love ramshackle old sheds. Isn't ramshackle a lovely word? Sadly this shed has to go soon. It is in the wrong place. The writing is doing strange things. I wanted this bit to be alongside the picture.
I am now going to try and put a picture of Sadie below these words. Wish me luck. Here goes. Hmm.. Not quite as intended. Never mind. Sadie is licking her lips because she has just stolen an egg.
Why won't the cursor go to the edge of the page?  
This time I will put a photo on the left of the page. Ha! Famous last words. OK here we go!
Yes, success in placement! But still the cursor, curser wont move. Hey! I have just realised what an appropriate word curser is. Not that I've been cursing you understand.
Just noticed that the text is gradually heading West as I write. Perhaps if I keep going it will end up where I want it. Oh! Obviously not.
I am going to give up for the time being. I shall ask my friend and neighbour Steve if he will help me tomorrow.
I must just say that I am full of admiration for my fellow bloggers who do such a good job with photos etc. Maybe I will get my brain around it too. But not tonight!
Watch this space though. Well, not quite this space, but the area around it.
Goodnight. Sleep well.  


  1. It doesn't matter what you intended the blog to look like, it looks like this, and it's great! (Like I intend to be beautiful and witty but I am what I am!!) Love Sadie licking the eggy chops!
    Jane x

  2. Pictures can be tricky and once you get the hang of it, Blogger changes the rules.

    I think a lot to do with how the pictures look on the page has to do with the size. Text can get all jumbled up if the pics are too large in the space. If you click on the picture you will see sizes to choose from, I usually go with medium but sometimes small. On my photography blog I go with large if they fit. You can also drag the pictures to go below or above text. Sometimes I write all my text first and then put the pictures in and drag them around to where they look best. I just noticed that your text is centered, that may conflict with your picture placement. Just play around some more, you will get the hang of it. I personally love all the pics you put on the sides.

  3. Thanks for your kind words. As my blog is mainly to do with the writing perhaps I would be better to leave things as they are. At least now I can actually get a picture into it if necessary. Thanks for advice about picture size kden. I learnt something new there.

  4. I shouldn't worry too much about pixel perfect placing. Blogger is a bit... vague... about such things. ;)

    It all looks good from where I'm sat anyway! :)