Sunday, 29 May 2011

Not Just Any Woman. There Are Some Prerequisites.

Quite an auspicious start to my online dating I feel. Eleven women made contact after reading all about me on the dating site I joined a few days ago. Six of them sent me messages. Mostly about what a wonderful change it was for them to read such an refreshingly truthful self appraisal. Five of them didn't bother with a message. They preferred the direct approach simply indicating that they would like to meet me. This seemed to me to be a fairly good, though modest, return. I had expected more interest if I'm honest, especially since I had included a photograph.
This initial influx happened within the first few hours of me signing up. How exciting I thought, as I eagerly looked up the profiles of my would be romantic interests.
The thought did occur briefly to me as I read, to wonder how they had reached the conclusion that I had written an honest profile. Because according to some, indeed I would go as far as to say most, of these women, men were, in their opinion, liars, cheats and fly by nights. It does appear that an awful lot of women felt badly let down by the whole online dating scene. I suppose it says a lot about the tenacity of women that they continued in their quest to find the perfect man.
Oh dear! How quickly the desires of this ardent potential suitor began to diminish as I read through the profiles. Perhaps it's just the way I am, but I do not want to be subjected to the lists of requirements which I found these ladies have. It seems to me that in order for me to have a relationship it is necessary for me to be an absolute paragon of virtue. Something I am blatantly not, and have no wish to be. If I wanted to be saintly I would become a priest. Oops! Bad example, but you know what I mean.
I find these things unnecessary and off putting to say the least. Look! Why not just meet up a few times. Get to know each other like this. Surely this would be more in the natural way of things. Find out if he is the man for you in this way. I realise that time is passing by quickly. But maybe a long term relationship needs a little time to develop. Lets face it, the type of man who you are so keen to avoid, isn't going to take heed of your needs. He's just going to lie to you anyway.
Bit of a tidy up wouldn't go amiss.
In all the profile pictures the ladies look lovely. Glamorous even. This concerns me. I am such a scruffy person myself. Take a look at the picture I put onto the site. Honestly I'm ashamed. Not much to get excited about is there? Haven't even made an effort. I can look better. I'm told that I scrub up quite well. But unless I'm going somewhere really special, I'm just not inclined to bother. I do know this statement does not show me in a good light. But that's who I am. Hey! I just realised. Despite my photo, eleven women did respond. What I am trying to say is that I don't want a glamorous woman. Sophistication frightens me.
I haven't arranged to meet anyone yet. Now that the opportunity has presented itself I seem to have lost my nerve. I can talk the talk but it seems I can't walk the walk. I will get there though. Just takes time. No need to rush these things. Patience ladies, please. It's a virtue you know.
Let me meet Miss ordinary. A woman without pretensions. A woman who is happy with herself. A woman who enjoys the simple life. A woman who...
Oh my God! What am I saying! How hypocritical am I? This sounds just like a list of requirements!  


  1. Sounds like you got a good response. Have you gotten the "I hate people who play games" thing yet? I am sure it's coming. I think you are wise to take some time. Worthwhile ladies will appreciate it.

  2. Hi Emma, One one lady had written a lengthy profile piece, saying that she had lost all trust in men but was giving it one last go. It was the longest profile I read. At the end of it she had put, 'don't bother replying. I've changed my mind'. Perhaps she just wanted to have a rant.

  3. I found that those dating sites are a great source of entertainment when you need a good laugh. When I was going through my divorce I would read the profiles when I got bored. I always walked away with a laugh.
    Wish you luck and a little courage to walk the walk :)

  4. Those women are looking for requirements of men that don't exist. Your requirments seem to more realistic. I like your profile picture and I'm sure a woman looking for a 'real' guy will too. Go slow, but don't give up.

  5. Are any of you ladies doing anything later? :-)

  6. It is worth noting that you have so many females as regular readers. It goes to show that you have what women are looking for, namely a sense of humor and maybe just a touch of rascal.

  7. Emma, I think you are a very astute woman.:-)