Friday, 13 May 2011

Only Slightly Off My Rocker.

Hooray! I'm back! I bet you're pleased. I understand how sad you must have been feeling. I have felt it too.
It seems like an absolute age since I was able to post anything. There have it seems, been a few technical problems with this site.
Actually it has only been a couple of days. Inveterate bloggers will know how I feel though. Shaking. Sweating. Muscle spasms. Paranoia. I bet it's just my blog they've blocked. Bet everyone else is all right. What was it I did wrong? I'm sorry I described that person as fat. How bad I am, laughing at someone who has to walk backwards. Should never have mentioned my former teacher. Perhaps no one believes my German Shepherd can talk. All these things have been going through my vivid imagination. But I am all right now. It was, as I say, only a technical problem.

"Oh yeah! Do you truly believe that John?"

Who said that?

Now I have to ask your forgiveness. Because right now I do not have time to entertain you. It is Friday. I am going out for the evening. There is a slight possibility that intoxicating liquor will be consumed. This may render me incapable of stringing two words together, let alone a complete paragraph. I say a slight possibility, because it might be one of those dreadful nights when nobody offers me a drink. Heaven forbid that I have to buy my own! In which case it will only be my usual half pint.
But I shall return tomorrow! When I will rewrite the complete article I had almost finished and was about to publish when the site went haywire. It is so upsetting when that happens don't you think? Or maybe it is only me that suffers this.

"Stop it John! You are imagining things."

Who said that?


  1. I know what you mean. I was in the middle of leaving a comment on to a very nice site and suddenly the comment was spit right out and I could not get anything to come back up. Have an intoxicating evening. I am going to visit my son and his family for the weekend. No spirits involved.

  2. No it wasn't just you. I never have anything important to say, until I can't. Thanks for following me recently and I'm glad I could finally get here to visit. I've been enjoying your stories and the way you write. Will be back soon.