Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Open Mic With Sedge and Jon.

After my extremely handsome Son, George had left school, I soon came to realise the next phase of his life was not going to be so reliant on me. All right he still needs his Dad to drive him about, but the places he goes do not include me being involved. Nowadays he goes to football matches with his friends. I have no idea when I will get the chance to beat him at snooker again. In fact he even goes to a different snooker club. As for our camping trips. I suspect they are a thing of the past too. On our regular walks to look at nature, his young eyes were a great help in spotting things my own old eyes would miss. Nowadays I have to remember to take a pair of binoculars with me.
That's OK. I'm pleased he is becoming his own person. I'm glad that he has friends that he likes to spend time with. It did leave quite a gap in my life however. I needed to get on with things for myself. I needed to, 'get a life', as they say.
For some years I have been trying to learn to play the guitar. I say trying because at my advanced stage of decay it is not easy. Actually I discovered that the guitar is quite fiendishly difficult. Not least, it requires an ability to coordinate both hands to do separate things but at the same time. It is something obviously, which is best started young. When brain cells still have the ability to learn easily. It is also something which requires an awful lot of practice. I have not practiced enough. After eleven years I am still rubbish at it.
But, let me tell you, all is not lost. I have discovered the fun to be had at an open mic night. The open mic nights are becoming more and more popular and are now a regular part of the more discerning, great British Public House. They give anyone who wants to, a chance to get up and entertain.
Well I suppose the reason I wanted to learn the guitar was to entertain. Although I have to say, for some strange reason I have never been able to figure out, nobody ever had the time to listen to me sing and play. Whenever I would suggest getting my guitar out, people would make excuses that they had to be somewhere else. Very odd. I have been told I have a beautiful voice. Well they may have said, interesting, rather that beautiful. But they mean the same thing, Don't they?
Thank goodness though for 'Open mic with Sedge and Jon'. Two Maestro guitarists. Two brilliantly gifted virtuoso performers. Two young -relatively speaking- men of spectacular ability. (Is this all right guys. Can I stop now?)
On Sedge and Jon's poster it invites anyone to join in. So it is their own fault that I now regularly go along. They are so welcoming, and I have made many new friends. Even though I never buy a round of drinks.
Apparently my open mic performances attract so many people that a contract is being written up stating that I must always appear. I never knew about this until last night when I was told about it, by a bloke who wanted me to lend him a tenner. This is very moving, and I am filling up with emotion, just thinking about how far I have come as an entertainer. Thank you so much you guys.
There is a downside though. Of course there is. There would have to be wouldn't there? As soon as women hear me sing they become hysterical. Fainting and swooning have become commonplace among my female fans. To be honest I have even seen blokes standing there, staring open mouthed in disbelief at my musical ability. Lots of people get so excited that they have to leave early. I may have to tone my act down a bit. I'm beginning to feel a bit like Elvis. You know what happened to him.
So that's it. This is my social life now that George is not so reliant on me. It seems that I have become a phenomenon. People whisper my name whenever I appear. They don't need to whisper, I know what they are saying. All I can say is thank you. I appreciate it very much. I do not intend to let this new found fame change me in any way. It is so hard to be humble when you are perfect. But somehow I will manage it.

You can see Open Mic with Sedge and Jon at www.myspace.com/play_live. They are on facebook too. You might even see and hear me singing. But please have your smelling salts ready.


  1. Sorry, but won't be watching the video in case you are on it...oooops! I meant to say in case you are NOT on it,I wouldn't want to be disappointed!
    Jane x

  2. Music as a good activity. I used to manage a band that played in local bars (you would call them pubs, I believe). The young girls all wanted to be my best friend because they thought it would be an "in" with the band. To their dismay, I was also friends with the wives of the band.
    As far as losing the companionship of your son, just wait. He will eventually have children. It is far more satisfying to be a grandparent and I loved being a mother. As a matter of fact my oldest grandson called me today to invite me to go with him and his girlfriend to a play this week-end. You will experience that too in time.

  3. Very sensible Jane :-)

    Emma thanks for your comments. George and I will have some quality time later this year. When we holiday in Scotland.