Friday, 29 April 2011

Nice Day For A Church Wedding Do.

What a day this has been. Full of sentiment and emotion for this particular old reprobate. There has been a royal wedding you see. What! You didn't know! I can't believe that! I'm sure it was advertised.
It's quite strange really, but I only seem to remember just how jingoistic I am when an event like this happens. Watching all that pomp and ceremony causes my aged, and probably cholesterol filled heart, to swell almost to bursting point, with pride. Are we the best at pomp and circumstance? I think we are. Who else is better?
Our American friends may know how to do a parade, letting their hair down, uninhibited, and really going for it. But we British, with our stiff upper lipped reserve. Well, we know how to do a cavalcade, a procession, an equitation, and a fanfare of trumpets without parallel. I may be a tiny bit biased of course. But what wonderful stuff. Full of history and tradition. Doesn't it give you hope for the future of our Great Britain?
Losing our heritage? Our culture? No way. Not if today is anything to go by. As for that minority of British folk who like to rubbish the whole event. Those who have the brass necked effrontery to malign our Royal family. Well. I do believe treason is still a capital offence. Hang 'em from the tower I say!
When the weather is fine. As it has been for some weeks, my television refuses to work. I think it is caused by atmospherics, and all the trees I have planted over the years. This is not normally much of a concern for me. But today, The Royal Wedding day. Well a bit of a disaster. So I went to watch it with Tricia and my son George, at their house.
Tricia is my ex partner and George's Mum. Her and I are still the best of friends, and the three of us are still able to do family things together, which works out very well.  All in all a very fine arrangement. I thought I would just share that with you. In line with my policy of keeping you informed as we move through my everyday musings.
Well, all the trees around here might spoil my television viewing, but I am nevertheless, extremely fond of them. I would like to question however, whether trees are actually needed inside Westminster Abbey. Isn't the building itself enough of an attractive thing to look at? This is just an observation on my part, not a criticism. But I was not consulted on the matter, so how were they to know?
I fear the arboreal overload was the doing of our 'Charlie'. Perhaps with his penchant for talking to plants he thought he might need something to share his thoughts with, during the quieter moments of the wedding. Or maybe the Queen requested them to keep the Corgi's happy. Before she realised that dogs wouldn't be allowed in anyway.
Her Majesty looked lovely, don't you think? Like a sweet little yellow canary. She always looks so well turned out. You have to wonder how she does it on her pension.
Prince Philip, still a handsome man at ninety years old. Seems that he has still got a twinkle in his eye for the ladies. The old devil.
Catherine's sister, I've forgotten her name for the moment, and I can't be bothered to look it up. What an absolute cracker she is. Prince Harry thought so too. I know its part of the best mans duties to look after the chief bridesmaid, but blimey, he was attentive, didn't you think?
William looked quite nice in his fancy Irish Guards uniform. How did he get to be a Colonel at his age? I bet there was a bit of favouritism there. Know what I mean? Nudge, nudge. Probably knows someone high up at the Ministry of Defence. I'm saying nothing.
The bride, Catherine, a stunningly beautiful young woman. What can I say? You are a lucky young man William. But of course you already know it. What with being a member of the Royal family, and all that.
Now here comes a criticism. Only a minor one though. It's just that I thought the Archbishop should have had a haircut and a beard trim. OK, I can forgive him the haircut bit. Though he did look as though he had been a bit over enthusiastic with the 'head and shoulders' shampoo. His hair looked as though it might fly away at any moment. Perhaps he forgot that he might have to take his hat off occasionally. Really Rowan, I know you favour the bohemian look, but this was a Royal wedding. Everyone else made a bit of an effort. A beard trim wouldn't have gone amiss. The eyebrows too. Crikey! How long have you been cultivating those beauties? Be honest now Rowan. How would you have felt, if the Queen had turned up looking like she had been dragged through a hedge backwards? Eh? Think about it Rowan. A bit more respect next time. The Queen is your boss, don't forget. I'll leave that little rant there. Don't want to spoil a nice day.
The wedding vows themselves seemed to pass off all right. Though I did feel that William rather rushed and mumbled his way through the bit, where he promises to share all his worldly goods. Probably he was trying to remember what he had said in the pre nuptial agreement.
That's about it then. Royal wedding accomplished. No apparent mishaps. I wish the happy couple a long and happy marriage. Let's hope it lasts. I won't be putting any of my money on it though.


  1. I did not watch the wedding itself. It was a bit early here in Nebraska, USA. I have watched clips and seen the photos. A comparison that I noticed between the wedding today and the wedding of Charles and Diana was that the couple today looked comfortable with each other and like they really cared about each other. The splendor of Prince Charles and Lady Diana was amazingly beautiful. I felt that Prince William and Catherine had a more personal touch.

  2. Yes I think they do look like the genuine article. Did you notice how they mirrored each others movements and mannerisms?