Sunday, 10 April 2011

Introducing Sadie. A Female Shepherd of my acquaintance.

Sadie is the German Shepherd who lives with me, here on my little patch. No I haven't got any sheep! Sadie is a German Shepherd of the canine variety. Although if I am honest with you, I would not be too upset if a beautiful blonde haired German woman with plaited hair, turned up at the door, begging me to let her move in and take care of me. They usually have plaits don't they? Well they do in my fantasies. I am joking here. I don't have fantasies about German women. OK, perhaps just this once.
I refer to Sadie as the German Shepherd, because I really don't like to just call her the dog. She deserves better than that! I find it a comfort to have her around. She looks after security around here and she does a good job of deterring any unwanted visitor. By unwanted visitor I am not talking about the Mother-in-Law. Oh yes I am! Wait a minute, I don't have a Mother-in -Law any more. That joke is void. I mean anyone who is skulking around trying to see if I have anything worth pinching. Might as well tell them right now. I haven't. Actually as my friends (I do have a couple) will tell you, Sadie is not in the slightest bit aggressive once she has got to know them, and will allow them  to come in without hindrance. But luckily for me, she does have a very loud bark and lets me know in good time if strangers are about.
Sadie is not a house dog. She lives outside where she has her own kennel or the choice of many sheds in which she is free to take up residence. She prefers her own kennel though because it is right outside the door and she can keep a close eye on me and prevent me sneaking out on my own. Some people think Sadie should live indoors with me, but this little wagon does not have the space for a German Shepherd. Unless of course, as already mentioned above, the German Shepherd was a blonde Fraulein of the two legged human type. Under those circumstances I am sure I could fit her in somewhere.
Anyway, as I was saying, Sadie lives outside and it is a good job that she does. Unwanted visitors do not only come in human form. The local foxes are extremely partial to a chicken takeaway and are regular visitors. She is excellent at making them feel that her patch is not a good place to be. Also Sadie does not like Magpies or Crows, and will not tolerate their presence. She must instinctively know that they steal eggs and kill and eat young chicks. Strangely enough, she never chases Lucky. Lucky is the tame Crow who was raised by my Son, and who has decided that she likes it here so much, that she is never going to leave. I will tell you the story of Lucky the Crow another time.
The reason I am talking about Sadie here, is that something crossed my mind today. The something is this. How is it that Sadie, who as I say is an outside dog, and has her own kennel? How is it, that, whenever I decide that I shall go and have a bit of a rest? A sit down and a read of the newspaper. How is it that Sadie is always sitting in my favourite chair?

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