Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Good Morning To You

It is early morning. The sun is about to take a look over the horizon, and the 'Wing Commander' my handsome cockerel, in glad expectation of another fine day, has begun to crow.
The reason I am sitting here at my keyboard so early, is that last night as I composed my blog, the computer crashed. I think it's called a crash. What happened was that the screen froze, and I was unable to continue writing. Which is a shame, because it was going to be a masterly diatribe about how women think all men are the same.
It happened once before this frozen screen business. Fortunately my long suffering friend and neighbour Steve was able to help me recover what I had written that time. But when it happened last night it was near midnight, and I thought he might not be best pleased at being dragged out of bed to help me at that hour.
However, all is not quite lost. Using the knowledge gained from Steve last time, I was able to save my masterpiece to a file, and there it sits. I can't recall how he showed me to bring it back. So I will have to wait until he returns from work this evening. When hopefully, he will once again come to my rescue.
Now I can hear a rooks harsh call, and yes, there they go, the cooing of the collared doves. Not to be outdone a wood pigeons deeper note is quickly added. 'Lucky' the tame rescued crow is awake now, and caws a greeting.
The 'Wing Commander' has reached full throttle. I must go and open the hen house door so that he can perform his early morning nuptials. He is always up for it in the mornings. Takes me back to when I was a young man. No! I never used to chase hens around the paddock. You know what I mean.
Here is the sun now. Casting a red light through the window. Oh dear! Red sky in the morning. Shepherds warning. There is a bit of a breeze today after many days of warm stillness. I am being gently showered with petals from the cherry tree as it blows through the mollicroft windows. Mollicroft. Do you know that word? I'm going to leave you wondering.
Chaffinches have a monotonous one note call. But now it combines with the robins happy sound and becomes part of the ever rising dawn chorus. The wren is so loud for such a small bird, and here comes a blackbird,or is it a song thrush? It is both. I love this early morning orchestration.
There is a railway track at the bottom of the field, and a train has just fled past. I do not envy those early morning commuters. An empty tipper truck has just rumbled noisily over the level crossing.
Bonnie the cat is seeking my attention. I shall stroke her lovely head. Scratch her ears. She likes that. What she is really after though, is her breakfast. So am I.
I will have a couple of slices of buttered toast and marmalade. No I wont! I will have an egg on toast, and another cup of tea. Then Sadie, the German Shepherd and I, shall have a nice walk across the back field, where she will unsuccessfully chase rabbits.
Then I shall take up my easel and go into town.Where I will hopefully make lots of money drawing portraits. Ha!
The world is waking up.

A mollicroft is a raised roof on a wagon or caravan, Which gives extra headroom.


  1. Enjoyed your blog. Nice bit of country talk. Can we see photo or painting of your wagon ?

  2. Thanks Kate glad you enjoyed it. The wagon is deliberately not in the pictures yet. I am still working on it. Painting and stuff. Wont be long now and I will reveal it to the world.:-)

  3. See what happens when you decide to lump all women together as you were going to try to say women do to men? Frozen computer.

  4. Yes Emma that is the same thought which occurred to me when it happened. All tongue in cheek of course.