Saturday, 2 April 2011

A bit of a meander about.

Today I thought I'd pay a surprise visit to my friend Glenn. I didn't phone him to let him know I was on my way, because usually when I do that he gets called out on some errand or other. It's uncanny the number of times that has happened in the past. I can't remember the number of times his old Granny has died, suddenly, just after I have phoned to say I'm on my way. Anyway he was there today, and he did look pleasantly surprised to see me. Or maybe he just looked surprised, I don't really remember. It's been several hours since it happened, and I am getting on a bit now. In this photo -scroll down to see it- it almost looks as though he is scurrying away to avoid me, but Glenn assures me he was rushing off because he thought he heard the phone ringing.
Glenn is the lead singer with the group 'Meander Lane'. A lot of people haven't heard of this group. Very many people. Lots and lots of people. A hell of a lot of people. Have you heard of them? No. I thought you wouldn't have done. I'm not surprised. Most of the population of the world haven't. But Glenn is a brilliant vocalist. He'll tell you that himself. Repeatedly. On and on, until you run away!
One of the best things about visiting Glenn is that he has his own 'state of the art' recording studio. If you are lucky you might not get invited to listen to his latest song. If you are unlucky you will have to endure, sorry did I say endure? I meant listen to. Did I say unlucky? Oh dear! I am a bit confused today. It's an age thing you know. What I'm trying to say is; he will invite you to 'have a listen'. It goes on and on for ages. You can't not listen because he always stands blocking the door. When the music stops, all you have to do, is tell him how good it sounds. You have to tell him several times though, and he will eventually let you go.
I was allowed to take the next photo, on condition that I wouldn't show the one of him scurrying away like a little frightened bunny. Naturally I promised not to. But then, what is a promise anyway? Yes, just empty words. He likes this photo because he seriously thinks he looks like a rock star. He poses for this. Which is not a difficult thing for him to do. He does it a lot. I've heard him called a poser lots of times. Not to his face though. He is after all a very big geezer. I had to take several photo's before he was satisfied.
He is an ex soldier and used to work as a night club bouncer. Six foot six he stands on the ground and he weighs two hundred and thirty five pounds. Hey! Didn't Johnny Cash used to sing that? But I think it is the fact that he is such a big bloke, which allows my mate Glenn to wear the kind of outfit he was wearing today. He's not that tough though. Have you noticed he's wearing a vest? His Mum makes him wear that. Don't you think he looks a bit like Jeremy Clarkson's older sister?
Seriously though. Which I always am. Glenn is a smashing bloke. Straight as a die. He has women falling at his feet. I know this for a fact, because he has told me himself. Several times.
Just to finish off this little article I mustn't forget to mention them again. 'Meander Lane' have just cut their first album. I was able to find it on Spotify by typing in the name. I'll say it again 'Meander Lane'. Go on. Google it. You know you want to.
I almost forgot. You can purchase the outfit Glenn is wearing at Dorothy Perkins.

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