Saturday, 7 January 2017

I Have Had Better Days.

A few days before Christmas I became unwell. A virus was 'going around' apparently. It started like I was going to have flu and I wished I had had the flu jab, but it wasn't flu. Not that I know what it was. Should say 'is', because it is still with me a couple of weeks later. A dry cough and feverish. Uncontrollable. I cough like crazy and it hurts my back and sides. For the first week the cough was unproductive. This last week it is shifting something at least.

I have strangely, during this illness had one or two very good days where I thought I was over it, but no, it is still with me and I am tired and weak. I don't know what dying feels like but one day I thought my time had come I felt so bad.

I am sure you don't want to hear about illness but I feel like writing a bit and it is what's been happening lately.

Beautiful Daughter Jodie and Extremely Handsome Son George have been taking care of me in my hour of need.

Seems I only have a couple of readers these days, so I'm hopefully not upsetting too many people by writing about not feeling well?

I gave up on the children's book I was writing. Just didn't have the right feeling about it. But last week I began writing another one. Well, I wrote just over a thousand words of it in one session before it came to a halt. I shall continue with it when the mood takes me. It's about a six year old boy who discovers, quite by accident that he can fly.

I am thinking that I am getting old and the self sufficiency life-style is becoming hard work. I am thinking about doing some modernising. Hot water would be nice for a start. Be good to have a shower without having to traipse down to the house.

This blog needs some more time spent on it. I don't know whether it has run its course or if I am just being lazy? I always have good intentions with it but lately it isn't happening. Seems I say that a lot too.

Thanks to those who stick with me. It is much appreciated . You know who you are.


  1. Have you seen a doctor? It could be a bout of pneumonia or an allergy or a lingering cold. It's good that your children are checking on you but SEE A DOCTOR! If you ever decide to stop blogging I certainly hope you will stay in touch. I would miss you and your sense of humor. And the boy who can fly sounds like a great premise for a book. I hope you write it. Now then SEE A DOCTOR!

  2. So sorry to hear you've been/are poorly.If it's any consolation there are a lot of folk suffering with a strange cough. Hope you feel better soon, if not do as Emma says and SEE A DOCTOR.

    I too hope you don't give up on blogging. If it's any consolation a lot of bloggers are saying that their readership has dwindled... including me. But a blog should be for pleasure of the writer as well as ours so in the end it's in your court. Anyway, if you stop how will we get to read your new stories?

  3. You are not alone and not making a fuss. My daughter who is a great deal younger than you or I has been really bad with this virus, coughing and allsorts, she has had it for 2 weeks and still doesn't feel right, so don't beat yourself up.
    As for the blog, I know how you feel I often wonder about giving up. Its not just a case of writing each day its finding something interesting to write about. May I suggest you blog about your cat, lol, I get the most comments when I put a cat on, ha ha
    Hope you soon feel better and don't give up the blog I for one love its honesty.