Sunday, 29 January 2017

Bread Oven Project.

I have just started a new project. I intend to build an outdoor bread oven -actually you can cook most things in it but bread oven is what it is most commonly called.

Yesterday, being a bright and sunny day seemed a good time to begin making it, So I prepared the base. It will be built on an existing earth embankment so all I needed to do was dig out the soil to a comfortable working height and make it flat.

I then put sand/gravel on the flat bit and placed some paving slabs on to that cementing them in. That is as far as I got. Looking at it this morning I think I shall have to make it a little bit longer.

It is raining hard today so the next stage - a clay tile floor - has to wait a bit.

Here are a couple of photos of progress so far.
Sartorially elegant even when working hard.

Mia The German Shepherd checking for level.

Incredibly detailed drawing for project bread oven (not to scale).
I am excited about this project and upset that the weather has turned against me.

I will of course keep you posted on my progress. There is a lot to do yet and no certainty it will work but I will enjoy doing it.


  1. I so love homemade bread. I am looking forward to seeing the things you make when it is finally done.

  2. Is there anything you can't do, John? Looking forward to seeing progress made.