Wednesday, 11 January 2017


When I got to the launderette yesterday it was quiet. Just a young woman emptying two dryers and neatly folding white sheets and towels into separate piles.

“Good afternoon,” I said cheerfully, “that’s quite a pile of laundry you have there.”
With a towel held under her chin in the process of being folded, she looked up at me, a quizzical look in her eyes.

“Laundry,” I repeated,” you have a lot of laundry.”

“Lorn-der-ee,” she said, stretching the word out slowly, “lorn-der-ee.”

“Washing,” I said, thinking she must have misheard me, “you’ve lots of washing.”

She laughed and seemed to be talking to herself as she repeated the word, “Lorn-der-ee.” Then, not looking up she added, “It’s not my lorn-der-ee, it’s from work.”

“I presumed as much,” I said smiling.

“Pre-joomed,” she said, laughing quietly to herself, putting the washing into two large bags and pressing it down firmly. “Pre-joomed.”

I held the door open for her as she was leaving, with a bag in each hand “Goodbye,” I said.

She looked me straight in the eye and laughed, “Good harf-ta-noon,” she said loudly.

Later, watching my underpants tumbling in the washing machine. I couldn’t make up my mind if she had been making fun of me, or if she was just stupid. In the end, I decided she thought I was a posh git. What a bloody cheek!


  1. Language isn't what is was is it. I get quite mystified with it all.When our Grandson was younger we were watching a programme in which a fox had been tied up, I told him that it was wicked to do that and he said 'No its not Nan, its cruel' Of course his version of wicked was good or brilliant !! lol
    But do you think your launderette lady was foreign, sounds like it.

    1. I think she was taking the piss Briony :) x

  2. I like having those strange encounters. It keeps life interesting.

  3. Was she foreign or just having you on? Whatever, the story made me smile.