Tuesday, 1 March 2016

My Forts Xactlee

As it is sutsh a miseriball day weverwhys I desidead to spend some time doing housewerk. I have got some lawndery to do and ther is a pil of dishes to be washed. Ther are a lowd off uther fings I cud be doing. I cud get on wiv riting my book for instanse. Or I cud do a paint tin and ther are fings to be men dead in the wurkshop. But then I fort sod it I am goin to spend ayjis on this computor riting nonsence on my blog insted.

Nuthing is a wayst off time if you are injoyin the waysting off it. That's my fillowsoffee. You don't have to wayste yor time reading it of corse. Unless you have got the same fillowsoffee.


  1. eye waste mi tym dooing scrable, so downt worre.

  2. I hear you. Unfortunately I cannot make myself answer in kind. I guess it is a character flaw. However I like it when you waste time on the computer. I am always entertained.

  3. Made interesting reading, after much deciphering... keep up the good work, John.