Monday, 28 March 2016

Jesus Comes Up Trumps Again!

It has been a busy old time here on the old homestead. I have made a good start on the new roof that will cover the showman's wagon.Here is a picture of progress so far.

As usual I have begun a project with out really knowing where the money will come to finish it, but I fell back on my old stand-by: The Lord will provide. I am just waiting for Him to supply me with more timber at the moment. I need at least eight strong posts thank you Lord. You might notice that the overhang is quite long. That is because I have decided to have a veranda and a rear workshop while I am about it.
I started work on this project while the weather forecast was good. But the good weather did not last. It became necessary to cover up. There was a storm coming. Time to get the tarpaulin out.
I am pleased to say my structural work survived the storm and the tarpaulin, although battered and torn did its job. Do you see those two railway sleepers holding the ropes? Well, the force of the wind actually moved them and they weigh a ton!

At about 3am while the storm raged I lost my nerve and moved into the small caravan you can just see in the photo. It is in the lee of the big wagon and I felt safer in there. Not that I got much sleep! It was still very rocky in there too.
Like a giant bird ready to take off.
So I was getting on well. A bit more timber work and I would be ready for the new corrugated metal roof. Not that I had any idea how I was going to pay for that. And that's when it happened. The Lord provided. For someone like me who always has doubts about God and all that stuff, He does treat me well.
I suddenly got a portrait commission. It was for a giant painting of David Bowie. I could earn enough to pay for the new roof!
I finished the painting. Just waiting for it to dry. I used quick drying oil paint. I deliver it tomorrow and then I can get on with ordering the roof sheets.
Here is a picture of me with the painting. I am in it so you can see how big it is. Well, I am six foot four. So that is a big painting. Okay then, so I am five foot eight. But it shows you the size of the painting. Oh all right then, I am five foot seven and a half. Happy now?
I am six foot tall with my hat on.
And that's what I have been up to lately. I hope you enjoyed Easter.

David Bowie. Pierrot. by John Bain. Oil on canvas. 60in x 48in.

P.S. How about that? Managed to get Jesus and Trump in the title. That should help the stats.


  1. I suspect Jesus would be especially sympathetic to carpentry projects. Although not in His league, I'm pulling for you too. Excellent progress, John.

  2. Being from the US I noticed your clever words right off. I would not have recognized your home. I somehow seemed to know that you said you painted it but my old brain did not remember. Your corrugated metal roof will be so nice in the rain. The sound will either lull you to sleep or you will wake up to the sounds of someone frying bacon for breakfast. David Bowie was a huge undertaking. Turned out well though.

    1. Glad you came thru it OK John .I guess it was a bit traumatic for Mia also . Well that should have been the last of the storms hopefully. Gonna run out of the alphabet at this rate !! xx

  3. A fantastic portrait of Bowie, and impressive work on the roof. Hopefully the rest of your endeavors will be storm-free.

  4. I love your art work, John, and the roof - when finished - will give brilliant protection. We survived the storm but the fence in the garden didn't. Still, could have been worse.

    This link will interest you John, I saw it on facebook.
    New structure looking good and the painting is wonderful.

  6. One of my mum's favourite sayings...The Lord will provide is now one of my favourite sayings too...because the Lord does provide.
    So glad you and Mia are okay after the storm.
    The painting is lovely.
    Hope you get your roof sorted out soon.