Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Failure. I Could Spitfire.

Oh, how pathetic am I? Twenty three hours! That is how long I managed to stay off  Facebook after my recent deactivation. I had to do it. I had to go back on. Not my fault. I blame Mia the German Shepherd. She has her own Facebook page. Lots of followers too. Loads more than I have on my blog. I don't know how she does it? Her writing skills are amazing for a dog. Amazing even for a human bean come to that.

Mia the German Shepherd with reading glasses. Too much time in front of a computer perhaps?

Anyway, she begged me to let her keep doing her page. Not that I approve of dogs begging. So what could I do? I am not heartless. Of course I had to let her do it. Not that she needs my approbation. A clever dog like her. Oh yes, she may be clever but I bet she doesn't know how to spell approbation. Or what it means for that matter. Come to think of it, when I see some of the horrid things she has to say about me, maybe she should require my approbation.

The thing is, I thought, while I am back on it for Mia the German Shepherd's benefit I might just as well have a quick look at my own page. And well, you know what it's like. One look and I was hooked again. My mistake was in trying to withdraw cold turkey. I should have come off it in gentle easy stages. Perhaps I should have done some tweeting or instagrams to prepare myself. It doesn't take much to get a recovering addict off the wagon.

I will, of course be trying to break myself of the habit again. Not just yet though. I couldn't bear to see Mia the German Shepherd brokenhearted again.Not that I have anthropormorphised her in any way. I bet she can't spell that either. Not even sure if I can, come to that.

How do you spell approbation? Am I right in thinking it means approval? Mia the German Shepherd won't say. I think that confirms my suspicions regarding her literary skills. She's probably got a ghost writer. Someone really clever.

Did I mention the John Bain Artist page on Facebook. Yes, it's just one more thing I have to contend with in my battle. Here is a painting I did recently.

Spitfire Camouflaged.  John Bain
See you back here soon I hope. Mia the German Shepherd sends her love. She gets everywhere that dog!


  1. Please do not abandon us again. It's fine to enjoy your Facebook but we have been so happy to have you back here. Mia looks so intellectual. I guess it's true about dogs and their humans beginning to resemble each other.

  2. Yes don't go John you make the day go smoothly

  3. You give me a laugh in the mornings. I come here before checking my own blog comments.

  4. Been there and done that a couple of times, struck people off and got them backa gain, Oh this bloody digital age is driving me nuts...

    Just love the painting, you are so talented, how about a little exhibition somewhere.

  5. I suppose now Facebook has called you'll be abandoning us again. Willpower, John, willpower.