Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Bucket lists are a popular modern fernominan, furnomminin, fernominon. Bucket lists are a popular modern thing.

I don't have a bucket list but I am the owner of a varied collection of buckets. I have got a wooden bucket what I made myself. I have got two rubber buckets, I have got a shallow bucket what looks like it has been cut down at some time or other. I don't know why. I never done it. I have got two plastic buckets, one of which is a garish yellow. A hideous thing. The other is pale blue. I can live with that. I have got several old galvanised buckets and I have got a new galvanised bucket what I thought was old when I bought it from a car boot sale, but it turned out not to be old. How I know is because of the handle shape. I know what old galvanised bucket handles look like. They had class. My car boot specimen lacks class. Oh well, not to worry. A valuable lesson was learned that day.

I have also got a very special bucket (please see attached photo) what is my pride and joy. I bought it off E-Bay. It is galvanised and very old indeed. The person selling it on E-Bay assured me that it is the actual bucket - get ready for this- it is the actual bucket what Dear Henry told Dear Liza had a hole in it. Do you remember that? There was a song about it years ago. I think it was called, There's A Hole In My Bucket Dear Liza.
The actual bucket that Dear Henry told Dear Liza had a hole in it.

I had to pay a lot of money for it but as the seller told me, something of such historical significance can only increase in value.

By the way, can you please not talk too much about my historical bucket. There is a big market in knocked off artifacts. The last thing I want is some stranger hearing about it and coming around here to steal it. Break my heart that would.

I suppose I should make a bucket list now that I have so many. It would help me keep track of them.


  1. I can help with identifying 2 of your buckets. Shallow bucket was cut down to fit under something --probably an engine during oil changes. Dear Liza and Henry's bucket may be verified if it can be repaired with a straw but --according to the song-- never was. I like this post!

    1. Thanks Geo. Oil change bucket. Why didn't I think of that?

  2. I had not thought of that song in years! Harry Belafonte and Odetta. Oh what memories. Thank you for letting me see the actual bucket.

  3. Your old bucket looks like its' been run over by a steam roller. ha ha

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  5. I like free buckets. You can find them in skips, the white plastic ones with wire handles or sometimes plastic handles, which contained emulsion paint at sometime in the past. They have redecorated the living room and thrown the empty bucket away. What a waste, there are so many uses for buckets. I use them to collect rainwater in my garden.

  6. Above comment deleted, typo mistake. Must get my fingers to work with my brain. They whizzzz around the keyboard out of control.

  7. I have often wondered who invented the name Bucket List, and why! I'm a list maker, have them all over the place, but none are in a bucket. Loved the song, it was on the radio the other day - I dropped everything (almost) to listen to it again. Ah such memories!

  8. Valerie, maybe its got something to do with that its a list of things you want to do before you KICK THE BUCKET!