Friday, 26 February 2016

Ladies' Undergarments

There is an advert for ladies’ lingerie on my blog page. Why? It is absolutely outrageous! I ain’t been looking at ladies’ underwear. I thought these ads were generated by the things we show an interest in? I have NOT, I repeat NOT been perusing ladies’ lingerie on the internet. This particular advert shows a pretty and curvaceous young woman wearing a rather fetching bra and panties matching set in pale blue with exciting lacy edging. Not that I’m interested. Of course when I say exciting I am not referring to my own reaction to it, but I suppose some people might find it exciting. The material is satin as far as I can make out. I tried to zoom in for a closer look but it just made the picture blurry. Not that I’m at all interested.

Sadly, I cannot remember the last time I saw a pair of knickers. Not on this computer or in real life. Except I have seen knickers on a washing line but when this occurs I quickly avert my eyes lest anyone sees me accidentally looking interested and thinks I am a knicker fetishist.

The reason I mention this lingerie advert is, if it comes up on your computer when you read my blog I want you to know I don’t look at ladies’ underwear pages on the internet okay? Not that there is anything wrong with doing that. I mean, you know. Whatever floats your boat and all that. Very exciting to look at some of those ladies, especially in my opinion the fuller figured ones. Not that I do look. Live and let live that’s my philosophy.

But anyway, that advert, it’s nothing to do with me. Let’s leave it there okay? The subject I mean, not the advert.


  1. You're lucky, I've been getting funeral adverts.

  2. Not that YOU find it interesting or anything but it would be nice if you could simply enjoy it. Just where are these advertisements anyway?

  3. I am getting Leicester Heavy Haulage ads popping up on every site I visit. Not that I want to do business with them, I don't have any heavy loads to move, nor do I need storage space or the services of a garage. I happened to visit my ex employers site to glean some additional information for a blog post. Mind you, I would rather look at big trucks than ladies panties :o)

  4. Men's vests are my thing.... not that I know anything about them, you understand.