Monday, 23 January 2012

Just A Quick Note.

                                                                       Mr J Bain Esq
                                                                         The Showmans Wagon
                                                                            In A Field

My dear friends,

The Sun is out today and shining bright. For the time of year the temperature is mild, and forgiving on these old bones of mine. I have just been sitting outside in the paddock watching the birds on the feeder. There are blackbirds squabbling over land rights. They think it is spring. Sadly, there is no foliage yet on the hedgerows. I hope they don't start nest building too early. I fear that would be wasted effort on their part. Nature is being benevolent at the moment, but she does have an unfortunate bad streak on occasion, just to remind us who really controls our lives.

Yesterday I felt good. My extremely handsome son George scored a couple of goals and helped his football team to a 7-0 victory. Afterwards Tricia cooked us a lovely roast dinner. Later in the afternoon there was a brilliant and friendly open mic event at the historic Bader Arms pub in Tangmere. It was a good day!

I am feeling sad this bright morning. No reason for it as far as I can tell. It's just one of those inexplicable mood swings which tends to hit when contentment lowers my guard. It happens to most of us I suppose at one time or another. Normally the Sun raises my spirits high. Not today though.

That's it for the moment. I could go on, but where's the sense in depressing us all?

                      Lots of love from John. (aka, the miserable old git!)


  1. The sun just came out here, I feel good seeing it. Hope the mood passes.

  2. John, I'm extremely concerned at your current state of mental health. Your address clearly shows that you have no idea where you are.
    Jane x

  3. Sometimes you need to just wallow in the sad feelings. You experience them and get them out of your system. Perhaps small unhappinesses combined together and tried to gang up on you. As I said the best way to fight them is to get rid of them. I know you are happier for it now.

  4. Sometimes when there's been a good day, the mood swings back the next day. Hope you feel on a more even keel tomorrow!

  5. Oh my gosh I thought my blog was a bunch of Poppy cock (news?) reporting. I am sorry you are sad maybe tomorrow is the Happiest Day of the year. You never know.:) Be happy. B

  6. Hope tomorrow will bring a little sunshine into your day in more ways than one. It was good to see you over at my blog. Very happy you enjoyed the poem enough to pass on. That's what it's there for and I feel honored you liked it enough to do that. Congratulations to George on his 7-0 win. Bet Tricia's dinner was delish and wouldn't mind an evening mic event over at the local. Sounds like a great day all round. Keeping my fingers crossed that this one will turn out lovely for you.

  7. must be the let down after such an enjoyable weekend. This too shall pass :)

  8. I suspect it's just the artist's letdown after a great burst of energy... like your cat on the chair.

  9. Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    I'm in London now, here the sun never shines bright...
    A big hug.

  10. I often have days like this--for no reason at all. It will pass soon my friend.

  11. You sounded so happy at the beginning. Sorry to hear you're down in the dumps hope you cheer up soon. That fat chook on your header would cheer up me. Which team does extremely handsome son play for?

  12. Hi John! Thank you for visiting my blog! You are really positive with your comments! Hope things pick up for you!

  13. Hope you're feeling more cheery today. We had a gorgeous sunny day yesterday but it hasn't stopped raining yet today, two completely different days.

  14. Hi Diane. My extremely handsome son George plays in midfield for a local team, Avisford Youth.
    Hi Jo. The weather has been exactly the same here as you have. Despite this I'm happier today.

  15. I have been hiding behind the screen and watch a bunch of period drama series, especially Pride and Prejudice, and feeling sorry for myself too.

    Let us both, snap out of it, and enjoy the living!

  16. Feeling sad for the sake of feeling sad is sometimes a good thing to help sweep it out of your system.

  17. Ah, mood swings....Oh how I wish I didn't have them but it seems that creative people suffer more than most. Possibly a result of being too sensitive maybe.
    Glad you enjoyed watching the birds, I get the most pleasure from watching wild life and my cats, I never tire of this...
    Love your honest blog.