Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Strange, Surreal Behaviour.

Mia the German Shepherd's unpredictable behaviour, which I thought we were getting to grips with has caused a bad cut requiring veterinary treatment to my friends elderly and gentle Labrador Raven. The attack came without warning and for no apparent reason. I always do my best to avoid other dogs when we are out walking, but this incident happened at home and I had let my guard down. Most times if we do unexpectedly encounter another dog this passes without incident and in fact Mia shows a disinclination to interact, but I cannot relax my guard on a walk as I used to do with Sadie the German Shepherd. The situation has now come to this; Mia has to be muzzled when we are out walking.
The muzzle looks awful and it makes me sad to see her in it but the instructions that came with it said I must not feel sorry for her. It is the best muzzle I could find and doesn't hinder her in any way. She can pant and open her mouth normally and even take treats without removing it. She doesn't seem to mind wearing it and doesn't try to remove it. So I can now relax when we are out walking knowing she can't inflict any injury. This is something that can happen when one takes on a rescue dog. It seems obvious that she was never socialised as a puppy. It would have been nice if I had been told the truth about her problem but who would give her a home if they knew the truth of her nature?
Apart from this unfortunate aspect of her character Mia is a lovely friendly dog with everyone. I love her and will not give up on her. Even though she has caused my bank account to be seriously depleted by the vet's bill.

On a happier note. Here is my latest painting. It took me ages. It started with this drawing and gradually evolved into the finished work.

Untitled.  Oil on canvas. 32in x 24in. Please click to enlarge.
The wonderful thing is I sold this painting within three hours of it going on-line. That'll help with the vet's bill.
I think I shall concentrate on surrealism for a while.


  1. I like the combination of birds and musical instruments. The teeny tiny colored violins are a nice touch.

  2. So sorry to hear about the dog incident. I had a similar problem when walking Henry Choc Lab, I could not take my eyes off him for a minute. He was so unpredictable, never knowing what to expect. If he had been my dog I would have muzzled him, but he wasn't so I had to stop walking him. You have done the right thing. Lovely picture. Lots of love xxx

  3. It is sad that Mia now has to wear a muzzle. Better safe than sorry, though. I like the different touches in your picture, especially the kingfisher and his basket of goodies. Well done, John.

  4. You have a lovely blog and your header is stunning! Muzzling a dog isn't as bad as we think, and it is just good and safe to take necessary precautions. It is certainly better to muzzle a dog than to have the dog bite someone and face a lawsuit and perhaps even euthanasia...the muzzle is the better option. Mia is beautiful. Your painting is beautiful. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.