Thursday, 13 October 2016

Just A Couple Of Things.

I have been having a bit of a think and wonder if any of you can answer a couple of questions for me because they are hurting my head?

Question one: Do fridge magnets work in outer space? Any magnet really not necessarily fridge magnets. I don't know why I said fridge magnets. When I was a boy we never had fridge magnets, Come to think of it we never had a fridge when I was a boy. The question is actually; do magnets work in outer space?

Question two: What direction does a compass point to if you are in outer space in a space ship?

Thank you in anticipation.


  1. I thought they must work in space because of some of the testing in space that I've read about. So I looked it up. Sure enough magnets do work in space. As for the compass it will point in the direction of the strongest magnetic point. I feel like I learned something. Thank you.

  2. Too much for me early in the morning, prefer to look at your paintings. lol

  3. Thank you, Emma. That saved me researching the magnet situation.

  4. Good question, John! Magnets work here in our confluence of two continuua: one electro-magnetic (which is why radio signals propagate in outer space); and gravitational, which is how we orbit and experience mass and time. 2nd question would depend on where the strongest or nearest ferrous metal is. That is, as on earth, compass points north outdoors but, if in a cage, points at the iron bars.

  5. Anseer to #1: Yes. Answer to #2: Really? Speaking of flying in outer space, if a spaceship that took off from Australia and met up with one that took off from England--would one look like they flying upside down to the other?

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