Monday, 31 August 2015

A Cooking Lesson Well Learnt.

Have you ever done this? You take a sausage and... Well, what you do is, you take a sausage and cut the skin off it with a sharp knife. It has to be a sharp knife otherwise the skin doesn’t cut and just sort of wrinkles up. You can use scissors – sharp scissors – but they tend to dig into the sausage meat a bit if you’re not careful.

Let’s imagine you have cut the skin off the sausage successfully. You can now discard the skin – throw it in the bin – or maybe give it to the dog if you have a dog, or give it to the cat. Don’t whatever you do give it to your pet budgie. They tend to get sausage skins stuck in their gizzard and clog it up. Best to put it in the bin after all and avoid problems. Hey look, don’t let me sway you. Just do what you like with the discarded skin. But spare a thought for the budgie, that’s all I’m saying.

Have you done that? Taken the skin off? Okay, so put the sausage meat on a board and flatten it. You can use a rolling pin or the heel bit of your hand to do this part. Put some flour on the board first and a little bit on the sausage meat. I should have told you that earlier because it stops the sausage meat sticking to the board. Or the rolling pin. Or your hand if you use the heel part of your hand. Sorry I forgot to mention that. Sausage meat is really sticky. The heel of your hand is the fleshy part on the edge opposite your thumb. It’s that part you would use to karate chop someone.  Perhaps you knew that already?

When you have done that make the sausage meat into a square or a round shape. Make it to fit either two slices of bread or a bread roll. I made mine square because I didn’t have a bread roll.  Oh and don’t forget to season to taste.All you have to do now is fry it on a medium heat for about four minutes each side.

I just did it a few minutes ago. It was horrible. Really really greasy. I gave it to Mia the German Shepherd. I certainly won’t be doing it again. I don’t know why I did it just now to be honest. I much prefer sausages with their skins on. Teach me to mess around with good food!

Maybe I should have added some chopped onion?


  1. Excellent culinary tutorial! One might question the result, but never your creativity.

  2. I'll say a prayer for Mia - - - just in case.

    I always try to buy skinless sausage. It's less traumatic to deal with.

  3. It depends on the kind of sausage you use. Or perhaps you call something a sausage that we do not consider to be sausage? Some sausage does not come in a skin. Chorizo is a nice spicy sausage that is good scrambled with eggs. Some sausage with various degrees of spiciness can be fried in patties and is good for sandwiches ans well as breakfast. I like kielbasa in soup and in sandwiches much like we make using hot dogs. I'll not go on but I like sausage. You just need to know which kind you are working with.

  4. Giving it to Mia was probably the best thing to do, the flattened sausage, not the skin. Best watch what comes out at the other end though, and make sure she evacuates outdoors ;o((

  5. Very interesting! I love sausage so much I never thought to give any to the dog.