Sunday, 2 August 2015

A Busy Artist.

Here is the finished painting of the ducks I mentioned in my last post.

As I said I have been busy doing a lot of paintings lately. Here are a few more. If you click on a picture I think they will enlarge.

Blue moon, green sea

Child of Gaza.

Fishing boat.

Colourful fat woman.

Nice cup of tea.

Saint Andrews church, Ford, West Sussex.

The Romany Way.


Squabbling With The Vicar.

Girls in summer frocks.

Self portrait

Mia watching how it's done.

Mia the German Shepherd has settled into life here. She is no longer interested in fighting other dogs (touch wood) and is a real sweetheart with everyone she meets. Even Bonnie the Ginger Cat is getting along with her, finally.

I hope you like my paintings.


  1. Oh John I forgot how much I love your art. You are indeed talented. Love The Child of Gaza and your self portrait. Wonderful art.B

  2. I like your paintings very much, John. You have a remarkable skill.

  3. These are excellent paintings. I like your self-portrait and The Romany Way the best. And the Vicar looks as if the squabbling woman has said something off-color.

  4. I love all these, you have been busy. Can't pick a favourite, I like 'em all. Is your gallery open for business?

  5. Child of Gaza - now that is outstanding. You have a real talent for painting facial expressions. I like the self portrait as well.

  6. John, I love all of your paintings, especially Squabbling with the Vicar and your self are an incredibly talented artist....thanks for sharing.

    1. I'm so happy that Mia is settling down much better with other dogs and Bonnie the comes I guess with old age, the things we once bothered about no longer get us annoyed.

  7. You are so talented, John! Love also the self portrait!

  8. Not too shabby me old mate, the mallards reminded me of the kitsch 3 duck statues that fly up the wall in every self respecting Aussie home in the 50's, I expect they were popular over there in the mother country as well.