Monday, 24 August 2015

No It Didn't.

Last Wednesday it was. Wendy in the Post Office seemed surprised to see me.
“Hello John, she said, looking at me with a sort of, are you OK sort of look on her face. “Are you OK?”
“Yes, I’m fine thanks,” I say.
“I was sorry to hear about the fire,” she says and turning to her colleague Pauline she says, “We were sorry to hear about the fire weren’t we Pauline?”
Pauline looks over to me with a kind of sorry sort of look on her face but she doesn’t say anything because she is serving a customer.
“What fire?” I ask.
“Your caravan burnt down this morning,” she says.
“Well,” I says, “that’s strange because I was in my caravan only ten minutes ago and it definitely hadn’t burnt down then.”
“Well,” she says, “we heard the fire engines going past this morning and someone said your caravan had burnt down.”
“Who was it who said that?” I ask her.
She turns to Pauline, “Who was it that said John’s caravan had burnt down this morning?” she asks her. Pauline doesn’t remember who said it. They both look at me puzzled.
“Anyway, we are glad you are OK. We are glad he’s OK aren’t we.” she says including Pauline in her gladness and Pauline nods her agreement whilst serving another customer.
And then I go home feeling glad indeed that I still have a home to go to.


  1. I too am glad you are okay. And that your beloved home is too.

  2. I believe I'd side with you in the discussion. A house fire is something you'd be unlikely to overlook before going out to the post office.

  3. Hi. Yesterday I wrote a blog post about a book I have just read, Survivor, by Fatima Whitbread. So why has it come up on your sidebar as an advert? Why would I want to buy the book when I got it free from the library?

    Glad your house didn't burn down xxx

    1. Maybe it came up because I read that post. x

  4. Wonderful characterisation. Pity those women got the plot wrong.

    Meanqueen must have gained a cookie from whoever advertised the book in the first place. I get adverts all the time because of it.

  5. Rumors seem to spread like wildfire.
    I'm glad you and your abode are safe.

  6. I'm glad that you, Mia and your home are all okay.
    Rumours spread so easily, and folks tend to grab on to bad news so readily.
    Really glad that you're okay.