Saturday, 8 November 2014

Making An Impression.

Autumnal Morning. Impression.

Oil on canvas.


Autumnal Morning. Impression. Oil on canvas. 16x12in.
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Isn't it amazing how it is possible to put a photograph onto a computer. All the colours too! I just cannot comprehend it at all. How on earth did anyone think of it in the first place? Beats me!

I saw the deer, but it was at quite a distance. I painted this very quickly - mostly with a palette knife - at home from memory.

I am currently trying to make a website for my paintings. One of the free ones. They say it is easy to do following simple instructions. It is not!


  1. Love this painting, I like the effect of the knife.

  2. The palette knife helps complete the ethereal quality of the lone deer in the morning. The painting is lovely.

  3. Beautiful, John. I agree about websites, I started one (free) and it wasn't easy. I am told though that some are easier than others!!!!

  4. Lovely palette knife painting.....and painted from memory....incredible.
    I hope you will make lots of sales from your paintings on the website when it is finished.
    Wishing you the best John.