Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Might Be Back On Friday.

This is me writing on a new programme I have installed. I was worried about windows xp because I saw a warning that it is no longer being supported. I'm not doing it on my own because I am hopeless with computer technology. Actually I haven't done any of it myself to be honest. This new programme is installed but there are one or two things to be sorted out. One thing I can see as I write this is that the typeface - if that's what it's called - is very blurry and it is making my eyes hurt. Also I cannot get the screen to the right size.

This computer of mine is old. The disc thingy doesn't work and things have to be done with a driver which I don't know about. We are going to have another go at solving the problems on Friday, I am sure it will be fine, he says, fingers crossed, touch wood, don't put your shoes on the table, hallo Mrs Magpie how are you today, pick that lady's glove up, see a pin and pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck, and any other superstitious nonsense I can think of.

Hallo what's this? Something is flashing at the bottom of the screen. I shall click on it, can't do any harm surely. Hold on please I shall be back in a minute. I hope.

It wanted me to agree to install something. I did agree. It's still flashing. I shall try to ignore it.

This new programme is very fast which is wonderful. I wonder if clicking on that flashing thing has done any harm? Too late now. Crikey I hope I haven't buggered things up already. I do have a bad habit of clicking on things without knowing what the hell I'm doing. Can't do any harm I always think. Usually wrongly.

It's still flashing. Should I click on it again? Try to resist John. Ignore it for heaven's sake. Ignore it. NO! Oh you bloody idiot, why'd you do that? Look just turn the computer off. Wait till Friday, let your computer savvy friend sort it. Go and watch some television. Just LEAVE THE COMPUTER ALONE!

I am closing down now. There is something I want to watch on tele. Might see you on Friday, touch wood. Good job I'm not superstitious. Hey it isn't the 13th on Friday is it?

Now then, let's see what happens when I click publish.


  1. Don't worry John, everything will work out fine.
    As with anything new, it takes time to learn everything, but hey, once you get accustomed, it comes as easy as blinking an eye.
    Wait until Friday for assistance from your techie friend....and please don't click on everything that blinks on your screen, there are tons of viruses out there....see you back here on Friday.

  2. Oh no John, please could you dig out a blow torch, TNT, hammer, screw driver, small plastic frog and a few pairs of yellow curtains. I should be able fix it with these on Friday!

  3. Please send your techie friend up here when you have finished with him. My computer man buggered off to Australia, now I have no one, and I have a flashy thing and will not click on it.

  4. I'm having trouble staying connected to the internet here in California. Friday eh? Let's hope!

  5. Sounds like your upbringing regarding superstitions was a little like mine. My Mum had sayings for everything and when I married Tom he wondered what the hell I was talking about half the

  6. I hated it when I lost XP, to me it was the best thing Windows had ever produced. At first Windows 7 was a nightmare but I have got used to it now.

  7. Very funny. I have a friend with the computer level you describe. Fortunately she is very wary of clicking on flashy things, having been beaten by her son who has to fix them all.

  8. Windows 8 is almost impossible to receive a virus. It has built-in deterrents all over the place. Just do not open any questionable email.