Sunday, 20 April 2014


Today the rain came back. Well of course it would have to wouldn't it? It's Easter Sunday! What were you hoping for, bright sunshine?

Tell you what though, this dreary, wet, lowering grey sky type of weather really knocks me right down into the dumps. It's always worse too when it happens of a sudden, straight after a run of sunshine and warmth.

It's strange though don't you think, that we should greet this vital part of our planets continuance with such misery. It is after all just as important to our lives as the sun.

Did you notice the word continuance there? I'm not just a pretty face you know. I know some big words too.

Mind you if I lived in a desert I would be writing this from completely the opposite direction: Today the sun came back.

My extremely handsome son George is home for the Easter holiday. Rain or shine his presence always cheers me up. Today though he has gone to visit his Grandmother. So it's all quiet on the western front. All quiet except for the rain drumming on the wagon roof. Now there is a paradox, why when the rain comes down in gentle shower form is it such a soothing sound from the roof, yet when it pours down it drives me mad?

Mia the German Shepherd seems a bit down in the dumps too today. I'm not sure if it's the rain causing it though. I think perhaps it's the fact that EHS George has gone off for the day that has upset her. She adores EHS George, and of course he can play football with her for a lot longer than I can. She has taken to playing with a ball now. When she first arrived she didn't seem interested at all. I shall tell her that when EHS George gets back this evening we are going to the woods, see if that cheers her up.

George and Mia
While I'm on the subject of Mia the GS I shall let you know how things are with her and me. She is lovely. Doesn't bother running away anymore, and comes quickly to my recall -most of the time. She no longer gets fearful or shows aggression to other dogs when she is on the lead, and off the lead she meets and greets other dogs without any nastiness. I am now quite confident that she is, as I suspected a gentle character. Our walks are now lovely relaxing events. And here at home the hens are now safe to free range once more. We are still working on her relationship with Bonnie the ginger cat. Mia still chases her whenever they chance to meet, and poor old Bonnie is still living in the stable. If only Bonnie would not run whenever she see's Mia I think they would get on just fine. I can't see how to solve this problem other than to let time take it's course. Just to reassure you cat lovers out there, I still make time every day to sit with Bonnie and make a fuss of her, and she does seem perfectly happy in the stable, where I have made it as comfortable as possible for her.

It's still raining hard, but hey we need a drop of rain to help the beautiful spring flowers to grow. What's not to like?

Well that's it then for now. I think I shall pop down to the shop. I fancy a strawberry cheesecake. Cheer myself up a bit. Actually I am already feeling more cheerful. I always do after I have spoken to you. Thanks for that.


  1. Happy Easter John! We've had plenty of rain too but I like it in the Spring, it greens up the grass in no time. And the tulips are up and everything pretty is right behind it. I'm glad George is home for the weekend; my daughter is too but she's doing so much homework that we haven't got to do anything special. But just having her around is good enough.

  2. Yes, its been a bit of a dumpsy day here but the sun has just broken through, what a difference.
    You had me worried when I first looked at your post, I thought it said incontinence. lol

  3. I love a good rainstorm. Thunder and lightning only add to the gloriousness of it.It is my favorite weather. The air is washed clean of all those nasty particles that float in it and the plants get a good drink to make them greener. All the colors are brighter. EHS George suddenly looks like a man from the back. He is a boy no more.

  4. "...I am already feeling more cheerful. I always do after I have spoken to you. Thanks for that." I am likewise cheered by your posts, John. The gratitude is mutual.

  5. We had a sunny day yesterday but today it's very touch and go with the rain. Sad for those who have the day off work. I love looking at pictures of Mia... she even looks gentle.

  6. It's nice to know that Mia is settling in more and more every day...she has come a long way.
    Don't worry about Mia and Bonnie, the two of them will soon become fast friends.

  7. It was a grey one here today and we are now experiencing rain which is great because we only use rain water for our household as we are not connected to town water. great thing is there are no added chemicals or water bills. I love the rain!!! The only bugger is I got an aurora alert on my phone but with so much cloud about, I will not be seeing the southern lights tonight.

  8. Green and blue, a son and a dog. Sounds about perfect to me.

  9. Your patience with Mia is well rewarded by the sound of things

  10. That's great that EHS is with you. Pleased that Mia is settled into your routines even if Bonnie is struggling. Would love to hear from you at Take care, John!