Friday, 7 March 2014

The Lynx Effect.

My extremely handsome son George is home from Uni for the weekend. First thing I noticed when I picked him up from the station was how nice he smelled. Or perhaps how nice his deodorant smelled. He always goes for the Lynx effect. According to the adverts for Lynx deodorant it makes the opposite sex go crazy for you. He was on his own when I picked him up so perhaps the effect had worn off after his five hour journey from Liverpool. Mind you it was still a bit overpowering when he got into the van. I couldn't help wondering what he must have smelled like when he started out on the journey. I bet the girls were all over him!

The problem with deodorants is that they mask a persons natural smell. This is a shame because I love the smell of my son. Particularly the smell of the top of his head. When he was little I would sniff through his hair when we were sitting cuddling together. It's difficult to describe. The best I can do is, a kind of soft burnt scent. Occasionally I will still take a good old sniff when I can, but it is difficult nowadays because he is taller than me. I managed a sniff today though when I was standing on the doorstep and he was slightly below me. It is still there, that soft burnt scent, although masked a little by the Lynx effect.

The last couple of nights I have been watching a television drama about events that led up to the First World War. It is titled Thirty Seven Days. That is how long it took after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian nationalist until war broke out. Thirty seven days! Do you think they gave the matter enough thought? What a bunch of bumbling egotistical idiots the leaders involved were. That is my conclusion.

Can one come to two conclusions about the same subject? I'm not sure, but I have anyway. All men should wear hats and grow magnificent moustaches.


  1. It is funny that you mention the products for men that change their smells. My oldest grandson likes to cover himself with that stuff too. Sometimes your eyes water. My daughter-in-law thinks he does it because he stinks but I know that he showers every day. And every once in a while I will catch a whiff of something that will remind me of the way someone who is no longer here smells. Smells can be so comforting.

  2. Bring back the old spice, Tom used to smell lovely in the 60's, (not that he doesn't now. lol) I wonder if you can still get it?

  3. Nowadays, it would only take 37 minutes.

  4. I know exactly what you're talking about regarding someone's scent...sometimes they bring back memories enough to make you smile or shed a tear.
    I'm actually in awe of you as a dad for loving the scent of your son's head, it's usually mothers who are the ones that are more cognisant of such things.

  5. Lynx is quite strong, and not unpleasant except that I have noticed that the more one avoids chemicals and artificial smells, the keener the sense of smell becomes. I spent many years without a sense of smell and it is a joy to have it again. I have read where it is suggested that chemical overload and even essential oil scent overload is causing people to lose their sense of smell, especially cleaning products. It is like an ever climbing spiral, as we become less sensitive, we add more, layer upon layer, from our washing powder to our shampoo, deodorant, room freshener, washing up liquid and on and on.... We've taken that sense for granted and forgotten what it is really for; survival, hunting, food storing and eating, and of course, recognising each others scent. What a shame to destroy that, after all we wouldn't deliberately and systematically compromise our eye sight or our hearing? or do we? I'm sure we are even doing that with so much electrical gadgetry, noise pollution etc. Food for thought hey. Hold onto your smells Simple Man, thanks for the musings.