Sunday, 23 February 2014

Seeking Commitment.

Eight days. That is how long it has been since last I sat here and wrote a blog post. Eight days and yet it seems so much longer. The mood to write has not been upon me I'm afraid. It isn't really upon me now but I don't want to give up. I am sure it will soon return. And I do love to write, and to put my thoughts down. Besides which, and of course more importantly, if I did stop writing this blog of mine I am sure I would miss you all very much.

Having said that, I have been tardy, and must apologise for having neglected what I shall call my blogging duties towards those kind enough to follow my musings. It sometimes gets quite difficult to fit in the time. Because as you know if you blog yourself, the writing bit is the easy part. What takes the time is keeping up with others blogs and reacting to them, and of course the more one follows the more there is to do. To be honest I sometimes find it a chore keeping up. This is not to do with the actual effort involved but more to do with a state of mind.

I tend to take things too seriously at times, and I also have a tendency to let things get on top of me. Take Mia the German Shepherd for instance. I find myself worrying all the time about her well being and as to whether I am giving her enough of my time. Which seems strange, because since she arrived in my life we have been together almost every minute of every day. But having taken her into my life and my heart I feel this constant need to make her life the best it can be. And of course this is as it should be. But I don't really believe it should be the 'be all and end all'. She does need training though because she has had very little of it in her life so far and due to her size and age now this is hard work. It is definitely not the same as training a dog from a pup. She has developed ways of her own and I need her to see things my way sometimes. And we are at that stage too where she thinks I should not do anything that does not include her. She gets into a right panic if I leave her alone in the paddock for even a minute, although she seems to settle if she is indoors, and she is also content to sit in the van watching the world go by. Having said that I should point out that we are progressing very well. When we go out for walks now I feel safe to let her off the lead. She now always comes back when I call her and she has even answered my call a few days ago when chasing rabbits. And there is even good positive progress when we meet other dogs. She has shown herself not to be aggressive, but due to her size and strength, her enthusiastic and boisterous behaviour can be misconstrued. Tomorrow and for the next few days I have some work to do. She cannot come with me and this is giving me cause for concern. We shall get through it though and I will make sure she is not alone for too long.

I don't know where that last paragraph came from, except to say that it shows the effect she has had on my life lately. Perhaps I should consider myself lucky that I have so much time to share with her.

Anyway where was I? Oh yes blogging. To be a successful blogger does require time and commitment, and the commitment has been somewhat lacking recently. I am sorry about that. However I am sure it will come back soon. Thanks for sticking around, I appreciate that so much. The fact that I still get many readers even when I am quiet means a lot to me.
Top dog.

Jodie's husband Lee with Mia.

My extremely beautiful daughter Jodie.

Still a lot of shoveling to do.

Mia loves the van and finds it most relaxing.
The constant wading through mud got me down so I am making a gravel road. Hard work and every barrowload has to be moved a hundred yards or more. But the family helped and what a difference it has made. I bet it stops raining now.


  1. I have got to the point where I can't shovel gravel like I used to and it pains me much to make others do it. That Mia relaxes in the van indicates a high degree of canine intelligence.

  2. It makes me feel good to know that you are making such progress with Mia. She must be a great comfort to you. I understand about the writing. I have become so burnt out that I have to stop for a time. I was neglecting other things just to try to do my writing and things were piling up. I need a break so I will continue to visit my favorite blogs until I am ready to write again. So my house is actually clean again and I have been cooking proper meals instead of throwing something at the stove and hoping for the best. Now I will relax for a bit. I still feel the need to meet that deadline but I force myself to squash it for now. The gravel is a good idea. The mud is a pain in the neck.

  3. Blog for yourself, its good to look back at past blogs and remember things you had forgotten
    I know what you mean about getting around to other blogs but I don't always think its necessary. If someone likes your blog they will always read it but may not always comment like myself.
    Your stats will show you how many people come.
    Don't give up because when you are on form you are very amusing and I for one would miss you.
    Now cheer up and have one on me. lol

  4. John, just a thought.... why not give yourself some breathing space and take an official break from blogging? We would still be here when you came back. Blogging shouldn't be a major commitment and I would hate to think you felt under pressure because of us. Whatever, we will still loves ya, babe x

  5. Mia and you are quite the pair. Chips was a one-person dog. It didn't go well if I left him with anyone else. Hope she gets more at ease with being left behind for a while. I know what you mean about keeping up with blogs.

  6. John I'm happy to hear that the bond between you and Mia is getting stronger every day.
    I love love love the last photo of Mia sitting in the van...sitting just like a human being looking outside.....priceless.
    I totally agree with Valerie above...we will all be here waiting for you whenever you return to blogging after a hiatus....we're loyal like that.

  7. John, your comments about blogging, both posting and reading other blogs were right on. Both can be very time intensive. We enjoy posting and while I try to read other blogs, it is not possible to do so daily. I see folks who get so many comments and figure they must be reciprocating, which is fine for them. You should blog when you have the time AND the commitment. Life has ways if being so much more important and so we should all do what we need to when we can. Breaks are also good, but some bloggers forget to let readers know they are just on one and not gone forever.
    Glad to read of the progress that you and Mia have been making. That gravel road does look like a LOT of hard work!