Friday, 14 February 2014

Getting The Wind Up.

In the middle of a storm here, and the wagon is shuddering in the huge gusts of wind. This is the worst the weather has been since I built this wagon. It has been bad before and I have had reason to thank my lucky stars that I chose, without any forethought I have to admit, a relatively sheltered spot to build it on. The shelter is provided mostly by the neighbouring gardens and surrounding hedges.

Tonight is bad. I haven't been this worried before. Poor Mia the German Shepherd is in her bed trying to sleep, but she keeps on being jolted awake with a confused look on her face. How I wish she could talk. I would love to know what she thinks of this strange place I have brought her to.

This shuddering reminds me of my days at sea, during the gales. Not frightening really, because what can you do about it, but worrying when the big gusts or waves hit hard.

I am going to bed now, but I shall remain fully clothed, just in case the worst happens and I need to go into preservation mode. I shall sit up reading a book, pretending I am not concerned, until I fall asleep. John Grisham, The Runaway Jury is what I am reading at the moment. What a good storyteller he is. Tricia gave me a collection of his books recently.

Tricia is in Liverpool visiting our extremely handsome son George for a long weekend. I am looking after her house and pets. I would take shelter there if I could, but Mia the German Shepherd would probably wreak havoc with the three terriers and two cats. So Mia and I shall ride out the storm together here. That's what friends do.

I heard on the news that the weather is expected to take a turn for the better next week.  About time too. But they also said the snow storms hitting America might make their way across the pond soon. Oh well, soon be spring hopefully.

Lots of shuddering happening and strange noises going on outside. If I had a mast I would lash myself to it.

Good night and God bless.


  1. I hope tomorrow will be a better day. Poor Mia. How is Bonnie the Cat doing? Have she and Mia learned to tolerate one another yet? Maybe the rocking of your home will give you good dreams.

    1. Hi Emma. Well we survived the storm with just minor damage to the roof. Bonnie the ginger cat has taken to living in the stable and refuses to meet Mia. Mia still barks at her too. I have made Bonnie a nice high bed in the stable and she seems content there. I make sure she has lots of attention, Also she still has the freedom to roam the territory. When the weather improves I am planning on putting a cat flap in the mollicroft roof so Bonnie can come indoors unhindered by Mia.

  2. I thought about you last night when the wind was screeching outside. Thank the Lord you and your pets are okay. I was thanking my lucky stars that I was behind brick walls. It was scary though.

  3. Trailers can be scary in high winds. Glad you are ok. And I sure hope your rains stop soon.

  4. Very nice of you to stay and keep Mia company while the stormy winds raged outside.
    Glad to know that you, Mia, Bonnie and the wagon weathered the stormy winds okay.