Friday, 13 December 2013

Meeting Mia the German Shepherd.

My Extremely Beautiful Daughter Jodie came with me when I went to meet my prospective new canine friend. I was so grateful for her company because my sense of direction is non existent and even the shortest journey can become an odyssey. So with EBD Jodie at my side and also bolstered by my new Sat Nav we only got lost three times, and arrived at our destination only 20 minutes late. Marvellous things these Sat Navs.

It was love at first sight when first I met Mia the German Shepherd. She is truly beautiful. Here is a picture. What do you think?
She likes this chair

She likes this chair too

And she likes my bed
Mia is a big girl. Bigger than Sadie. She is one year and two weeks old. Indoors she has been behaving very well, but outside she is a bit of a nightmare to be honest. I think she has been taught some commands. She will sit if she is asked enough times, and EHS George who arrived home for the Christmas holidays yesterday, discovered that she will shake hands. She does not appear to have any idea about how to walk properly on the lead (my arms are almost out of their sockets). She barks at any other dogs she sees, in fact she barks at most things and even seems to bark at nothing on occasions. She is desperately in need of being taught some good manners. She also jumps up at people in greeting. Some things have to be nipped in the bud straightaway.

She barks at Bonnie the Ginger Cat. In fact Bonnie is very reluctant to come indoors now and I suspect it is the loudness of Mia's barking that is putting her off. She has been in a couple of times for a quick snack, but soon scarpers off again. I have had to put a temporary door in place to keep Mia from her. But eventually Bonnie will get brave enough and hopefully all will be well.

Due to my foolishness Mia chased the hens. She caught one, but was so surprised that she didn't know what to do next and dropped it. I think I shall keep her on a lead until she gets used to the fact that the hens are part of life around here.

Mia has been brought up in a town and lived in a flat. She knows nothing of the countryside at all. It must be quite overwhelming for her to see all these large spaces and I must constantly bear this in mind.

Her temperament with people is very sweet. She seems to be very affectionate. When we first met she greeted me like a long lost friend. Already I have noticed that she becomes stressed if I go out of her sight. Even in this little wagon if I walk into another room she wants to be near me. I am dealing with her neediness by going outside and leaving her alone for a few minutes at a time. Most of the time I shall have her with me, but sometimes she will have to be left on her own and she has to learn to deal with that.

She is good in the campervan and was no trouble on the way back yesterday. Actually I think she quite likes the van. We drove to the shops today and I left her in it while I shopped. She was quite relaxed about that.

She was no trouble last night, but she will not sleep in the bed I made her. She is either in a chair or on the hard floor. She woke me this morning at 4.48. I told her to go back to sleep and she did. Eventually I got up at seven thirty.

It is early days of course. She has only been with me for 36 hours. I think we will do OK. I have lots of time to give her.

I must get to bed now. It is past midnight. I have to be up early. I have got a dog to take care of.

Oh I nearly forgot. On the way back from collecting her, and with the aid of my marvellous Sat Nav we only got lost four times!


  1. I'm happy for you, but you have reminded me why I might not want a puppy. She really is beautiful.

  2. Patience John. It will get easier. I too bark at nothing all day but have stopped jumping up on people in greeting. Much progress and I am only 64 years old. Mia sounds like a faster learner. Best wishes to you both.

  3. Mia is beautiful. So far she lacks the elegance of Sadie but perhaps that is something that comes with age. I am sure she is barking and needs so much attention is because she is unsure of her surroundings. All should be well as soon as she comes to trust you rather than just need you. Congratulations on the addition to your family.

  4. She's a lovely girl and is worth all the time you are going to put in on helping her adjust to her new life.

  5. I like the photos of Mia and I'm so happy that you've welcomed her into your home. I'm sure she will be a fast learner, but good things take time. All your efforts will be well rewarded.

  6. Congrats John, I'm happy for you both. I'm glad you see that she needs to be curbed of bad habits. So many people take dogs as they are and never set to correct them. This leads to badly behaved animals and frustrated owners who might in time, give them away. You two are going to be just fine :-)

  7. Oh, John, you have a real beauty on your hands. Your work is cut out for you because lovely Mia needs much of your time, patience, and training. Good luck to both of you; what a good time you two are going to have with one another! Happy week-end!

  8. Oh John, I am so happy for you.
    Mia is a beauty, and I'm sure that she will settle down just fine given time.
    She will suffer a few anxieties at first, everything around her new home being new experiences for her, but she will be okay.
    Did I say how happy I am for you? I truly am.

  9. What a beautiful girl. My fella, Django, is a few weeks younger than Mia and some of her characteristics also rang true for my young excitable spaniel (sprocker = springer/cocker). I live in hope that life will become smoother shortly. He is keen to please, so there is hope even though sometimes his actions are without thought

  10. Lovely girl. glad you have found each other. Set boundaries now and you shouldn't go far wrong. Practice walking on lead every day, hold her close to you. You'll make a great team.

  11. Mia really is lovely looking and I imagine her temperament matches. Give her time, she will adapt. But then, you already know that. As for sat navs. treat 'em right and they won't let you down... a bit like a dog really... grins.

  12. I know you are the best person for her. She obviously has not been trained and so we can't blame her for not behaving but with time and the love I know you will give her she will be perfect.
    It's so good to know that you are up again, I don't like to know you are down in the dumps.
    Look forward to lots of posts on the lovely Mia.

  13. Lovely dog! I am sure she will make you happy. I'm glad you want to train her properly. It's heartbreaking to see lovely dogs getting themselves disliked, or upsetting people, because they are not trained. I don't know how owners imagine their dogs can find out what to do if they're not trained....

    I think dogs have a great sense of direction, by the way :)

  14. John, it's nice that you and Mia found each other. From what your description she does need some training. But in time you will both learn and trust one another. Mia is a beautiful, and indeed large, dog and obviously from what you wrote needs a loving owner, like yourself.

  15. What a beautiful girl. Alsatians are known for their intelligence so I'm sure she will soon get to know what you expect from her and learn some manners.
    I'm so pleased you have a new companion, nothing else quite like our four legged friends.

  16. She looks like a keeper, John. A very lovely lady.