Saturday, 7 December 2013

Double Headed Magic.

Some people wouldn't like the idea of a railway track at the end of the garden. I am not one of those people. To me the sight and sound of a train is somehow very comforting. It is not something easily explained so I won't try too hard, except to say I feel it is perhaps to do with coming home, and the promise of happiness, comfort, and love that coming home brings with it.

Occasionally, like today for example, magic happens on that track too. This beautiful photo of two old steam engines pulling together, taken this morning by my friend and neighbour Steve says it all as far as I am concerned, without another word being needed.

Photo courtesy of Steve Johnson.


  1. Really? They still run steam occasionally, or was is a special event? Have always lived within a quarter mile of tracks. It's now become a need.

  2. These are privately run tours Joan. Very popular and about once a month past here, though usually in the summer.

  3. I usually live close to the tracks. As a child I remember waiting to wave at the engineer. He always waved back. Now the trains are about three blocks away and across the highway. I only hear the trains when everything is quite still. There is something quite comforting about the rhythmic noise the wheels on the track make.

  4. I agree with you about trains. A main line can be deafening though when it goes too close to your window so it would need to be a long garden.

  5. Hubs would love to have trains run past our garden. He's mad keen on them.

    BTW I read the revue by person unknown about your book... it was a fabulous review and the writer spoke the truth. I half expected to find it on your blog. Way to go, John.

    1. I never thought about putting the reviews on my blog Valerie. What a good idea. It might help sell a few more copies.

  6. Alas, John we have no passenger trains on our island as those who had the say back in 1978 said its uneconomical (sad word). There are a couple of places that have the steam trains for tourists though.

  7. a very nice photo. I live rather close to train tracks and can always hear when one is coming through.