Sunday, 8 December 2013

I Bet Victoria Wood. Haha Get It? Victoria Wood (Would). It's A Play On Words.

I  have just spoken to my extremely handsome son George on the phone. I say just spoken. In actual fact it was over an hour ago. As we said goodnight I told him I was going to go to bed early because I had earlier fallen asleep whilst reading the newspaper. It never turned out that way though. Here I am still up and wide awake. I shall tell you why.

What happened was, I switched on the television. Don't ask me why. I knew there was nothing on I wanted to watch. It's just something I do occasionally, switch the tele on for no particular reason. Yes I know it sounds daft, I mean I was going to bed so what was the point?

It turns out there is a programme on called 'dinner ladies'. It's a situation comedy set in a works canteen, and it is very funny. It is written by and stars Victoria Wood the singer and comedian.

Anyway I start watching it and soon find myself laughing out loud at some, indeed most, of the lines uttered by the different characters. Genuinely a laugh a minute. At least it is to me.Victoria Wood is an extremely funny lady and a very talented writer.

I gets to thinking to meself: I wouldn't mind having a go at writing some funny one liners. How hard can it be? I asks meself.

So here I am. Sitting here. Trying to think of something funny to write....

.... I might give it another go tomorrow. I mean how hard can it be?


  1. One liners are hard. You are so good at telling stories that you might try a funny story. Of course there is no challenge to that. Go for the one liners. It will be interesting to see what you come up with.

  2. By the way... Ba-dum-dum. I'll give you the drum riff ahead of the one liner.

  3. I believe you'll accomplish one-liners or any other humorous constructs you set your mind to because, John, no offense meant but you think funny.

  4. Don't actually sit and force your brain to come up with funny one liners...just relax and go about your business as usual and they'll pop into your head as you go along.
    I know you'll have some great ones that will be funny as heck. Have fun.

  5. I didn't know Dinner Ladies was on telly again... I used to love that series. As you say, Victoria is a really funny lady. Good luck with the one-liners!

  6. If you haven't already seen it, go to utube and put in 'two soups' it's hilarious. Briony

  7. Zingers are tricky. I tend to enjoy the long rambling story that ends with a pun.