Saturday, 10 August 2013

Facebook Friends

I'm up for a few more Facebook friends 'cos I only got 111 and even that could go down at any moment. It's not fair, some of you got hundreds!

I'm bored today. Got lots to do though. 'Spose I should get on with things instead of sitting in front of the computer.

This place is a flipping mess! It's always a flipping mess. Apparently being untidy is a sign of being very creative. So I have an excuse 'cos I'm always creating. I am a creator. Not 'The Creator' though that would be a preposterous claim to make.

Is it going to rain today? I think it might. I still ain't finished repairing the roof. The trouble is it needs sealing and the water soluble stuff I'm using would just dissolve in the rain. Water soluble you see.
Dissolve? It's a funny looking word. Soluble? That is too.

By the way it ain't soluble when it dries. Oh no that would be pointless. When it dries it is totally waterproof and guaranteed for ten years. It's a pity it's not guaranteed for elevens years 'cos I was hoping to do my trip around the USA in 2023. Now it looks like I shall have to stay here and waterproof the roof instead. My fault entirely, I should have bought the stuff with the twenty year guarantee. To be honest though I didn't want to tempt fate. I mean I am 66 years old you know. In twenty years time I shall be...... 66+20= ....'er 79. I might not even get there, and I don't like to waste money on roofing materials I am not going to get the benefit of.

I don't mind wasting money on alcohol. I like to do my bit for the drinks industry.

Sorry about rambling on like this. Actually I can't believe you are still reading. Ain't you got nothing better to do? Do you want to be my Facebook friend? I ain't got many friends. I can't imagine why!

I have just finished creating this. I call it a Mandolguit. It sounds OK, but the fret wires are too short. I shall have to redo them. I was wrong when I said I'd finished it. Sorry about that. Didn't mean to mislead you. When it is properly sorted out I shall play it for you. I like to sing and play for my friends. Hey! Maybe that's the reason I ain't got many?
I just created this Mandolguit.


  1. I will be happy to be your Facebook friend but I am not a good friend on Facebook. I have been on Facebook for several years and I seldom even check it. I do like to check in on friends and family to snoop about what they are doing once in a while. I prefer to be your "Don't Unplug Your Hub" friend.

    1. You have been here almost from the start Emma and that'll do for me. You are missing out though on an awful lot of rubbish I put on Facebook. :)

  2. I will have to be your "DUYH" friend too, because I deleted my Facebook account last year. SORRY! Love your Mandolguit, can't wait to hear you play it? I am assuming it is a cross between a mandolin and guitar?

  3. I can't remember if I'm your Facebook friend. I suppose I could go and check but quite honestly I don't have much time for Facebook.... too many family members go there duh! I really like your Mandolguit, will you patent it?

  4. John, Just supposing if one was to become a facebook friend of yours, how would one go about it? There are probably 215 John Bains out there and picking the right one could be a very time consuming adventure.

  5. I love reading your rambling posts the best.
    Sorry, I'm not a Facebook junkie. I prefer it right here at DUYH. It's a better atmosphere and folks aren't mean to each other.
    Loved your new creation....Mandolguit...can't wait to hear it in action.
    By the way I also like Mandolitar.