Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Birthday And A Wedding. Oh The Excitement!

Well what a misery I was yesterday. Sorry to inflict that mood onto you lovely people. Thanks for your comments I do appreciate them and yesterday's did lift me up again. I am pleased to say that I woke up in a much better mood today, back to my normal self. The black moods do not last long and are quite infrequent too.

I had my birthday this week. I can hardly believe I am now 37 years old! Ha ha I bet you can hardly believe it too. It was a quiet day, unlike last year when I had the fantastic party. I will never forget that party.

My extremely handsome son George took me to lunch at the restaurant where he works. Very nice it was too. I think he wanted me to see where he works and meet some of his new work pals. I don't think the fact he got a big staff discount off the bill had anything at all to do with his choice of venue! Here is a picture of me looking happy. I certainly feel that I carry my 37 years very well!

I started this post on the 8th of August. Today is the 13th. Sorry for the delay. Oh hang on you weren't were you. Waiting I mean.

I just had a look at the photo above. Devilishly handsome some would say. Well when I say some I mean myself. Who else would describe me thus? What's that? You would? How sweet of you. Thanks. That has cheered me up no end. But wait have a look at this photo of me.
Not so pretty now am I? What happened was, I was walking along happily across the back field towards the church Sadie the German Shepherd at my side... No that's wrong, she wasn't at my side she was several yards in front of me. But that's not important where she was. I don't know why I even mentioned it. Just setting the scene I suppose. Anyway, suddenly out of the corner of my right eye I see this wasp hurtling towards me at breakneck speed. It may have been a bee. It was travelling at speed so difficult to be sure. It hit me. The wasp/bee. Obviously not paying attention. It got stuck behind my glasses, panicked, and stung me two maybe three times. Let's say three for certain. It adds a little more drama to the story.

It was very painful. But at least I am still alive. Unlike the wasp/bee. That is dead. At least I presume it is dead. Maybe it is back at the nest licking it's wounds? If it is still alive I hope it had a sleepless night. The same as I have just had. My eye is almost completely closed this morning. I am actually writing this with only one working eye. It is 7.30 am. I have a load of firewood being delivered in a couple of hours time. First though I shall walk to the village with Sadie the German Shepherd. But this time you can rest assured I shall be keeping an eye out for speeding insects. Just the one eye. The other, as I said, is closed.

My darling daughter Jodie got married a few days ago. She never told me she was even planning getting married. She has been with her partner Lee for eleven years. Apparently he often asked her to marry him but she resisted. Then one day she said yes. She told me she thought it was a good idea. We shall see. He is a nice bloke. He works hard. They are obviously very close. I am happy for them.

I went to the reception. It was at their house. There was me there and Jodie's mum and our granddaughter Maisie and Lee's brother. That was it. I had a cocktail sausage, a miniature scotch egg and a tiny sausage roll. Oh and a slice of quiche that Jodie made. I thought it was a slice of pizza when she gave it to me, but apparently it looked like pizza because it had been in the fridge! It was very nice.

As weddings go, it was a very inexpensive low key event. My family eh! What are we like? I wish them every happiness.
Lee, Maisie and Jodie on the Wedding day.
My extremely handsome son George and his mother have gone on holiday to The Isles Of Scilly. I am left holding the fort. Quiet around here without them.

Bye for now.


  1. Belated birthday greetings, John. It only seems five minutes since your party. Love the first photograph of you... you have a lovely smile.

    Congratulations to Jodie and Lee, may the years treat them with kindness at all times.

  2. What an interesting week you had John.
    Happy Belated Birthday, and may you live to enjoy many many many many many more!! You wear your age well.
    Best Wishes to your daughter and new husband on their wedding...hope they enjoy many more years of wedded bliss.
    Insect stings can be quite painful. Onion juice is supposedly a good remedy for the sting site.

  3. Congratulations on everything, John! Except the sting, which was probably not a bee --they sting only once. Wasps, though, can cause me to stampede off cliffs.

  4. Surely it's cant bee a year since I was down there at your party. It wasp such a buzz wasn't it. That sting looks painful. My sister had a quiet wedding, didn't even tell me.

    1. A year Ilona and I still haven't repaid the visit. I'm saving up for fuel.

  5. Stings around the eyes are always so painful. I was bitten by a spider several years ago. My eye looked disgusting. The doctor said not to cover it. I worked with the public and I know they were completely repulsed. I remembered your birthday because you are 20 days older than I. I sent you an e-card but you did not pick it up. It was a cute one too.

    1. I am so sorry I missed your card Emma. I noted that you had sent something and did try to find it without success. Thank you for thinking of me.
      I shall have another go at finding it now.

  6. Other than the sting to the eye everything sounds wonderful. My daughter is deathly afraid of any type of bee and I'm afraid I have now added another level to her fear by telling her that one could get trapped between the eyeball and glasses lens. Ooopps!