Thursday, 4 July 2013

A Bit Of A Mishmash. With Liver And Potatoes.

Once again my mind is a blank page. Nothing in there of note at all. To tell you the truth I don't even know why I started to write, maybe as is usual when this happens I am just hoping something will transpire. Hmm I need to look up that word. Not too sure about it.

 Transpire: Turns out to be unnecessary and maybe even wrong. According to my dictionary I should use 'occur' or 'happen'. And of course the dictionary is right. I do have a tendency to use longer and more complicated words than are actually required. It isn't an affectation (oh blimey there's another one) it is just the way my mind works. It might be from me being mainly self taught in writing and wanting to get things right and over doing it a bit. As it happens my use of the long word is frequently wrong. Although as I get older I am a wee bit more circumspect (oh for heaven's sake, here I go again) regarding what word to use where. Excuse me while I look up circumspect. It seems I got it right that time, but 'cautious' would have been more appropriate. And shorter.

Sadie the German Shepherd and I slept in the campervan last night. It was something I had planned to do, and definitely not because I'd had a drink or two. Definitely! I don't mean I had planned to sleep with Sadie by the way, I mean I had planned to sleep in the campervan.

We shared the bed her and I. Do you know we have lived together for at least seven years and never slept in the same bed, well not at the same time anyway. She was a surprisingly quiet bedmate. It is a big bed and after we had a cuddle and I had drunkenly declared how much I loved her, she took herself to the other side of the bed, curled up and went to sleep. Come to think of it my ex wife used to do that when I'd had a drink!

I have just remembered I bought Sadie a new bed last week. £45 it cost me. It was in the van too. What does she think she is up to sleeping in my bed. What a cheek, taking advantage of a slightly, very slightly, tipsy bloke!

The pub I was in last night is great. It is a new Open Mic with Sedge and John venue. I stayed in the bar with a few other hardy souls long after everyone else had taken themselves off home. But now here is something remarkable. At 1.30 in the morning I was feeling very hungry and jokingly asked the landlord if I could have a meal, never expecting for one moment that he would agree. He cooked me a meal! 1.30 AM! Liver and bacon and mashed potatoes and pea's. Astonishing! Remarkable! Delicious! Ian and Patricia, that's the hosts. King Beach Hotel, Pagham, West Sussex. In case you are ever in the area. Lovely people indeed. And they let me park in their car park overnight. It's a hotel remember.

Yola, my lovely neighbour works with people with learning difficulties. Maybe it's called special needs these days, I can't remember. They keep changing it. It used to be mentally handicapped. I shall settle for special needs for now and hope no one gets offended. Anyway Yola is having a camp out with some special needs youngsters and has asked me if I will join them and play some songs around the campfire. I said yes, but now I am a nervous wreck because I am a crap guitarist. All I can do now is practice a bit harder and sort out some camp fire songs. I shall be OK once I get going. Actually as I write these words I find myself quite looking forward to it. How strange.

That's it for now. I'm off. It is 8.30 PM. Thank you for listening. Bye for now.


  1. You'll do just fine with the camp fire songs.

  2. If I ate liver etc at night I'd be crying out for something to cure the indigestion. I agree with VirginiaC, you'll do just fine entertaining the kids. Just think how they'll love you for being able to play.

  3. What fun it will be to spend some time making someone's life happier. Music is the language of the soul. That is why we sing to babies. Older folks who have trouble remembering will listen to music and be soothed. Involving the children in campfire songs will make them feel like part of the group and give them wonderful memories. You are doing a lovely deed.

  4. Sounds like fun to play your guitar and sing for a group of youngster around the campfire. You sound great anyway, shouldn't be a problem to you. Have fun singing

  5. Camp songs must be sung with mistakes on the guitar. It's a requirement.