Friday, 26 July 2013

Dog Cat Fish.

There is a reason why I haven't been in touch with you too often recently. It is that I have been feeling unwell quite a lot. This is making me tired and I am being lazy. It is not just the blogging that has fallen by the wayside, I haven't done much of anything else either to be honest with you.

Yesterday I woke up and knew I was in for another feeling kind of blurgh kind of day. I don't know what is causing this to happen. My blood tests showed high levels of cholesterol but apart from that all my vital bits are working OK and blood pressure is good. I haven't heard anything from the doctor regarding the ECG test so presume no news is good news. But still the bad days continue to happen. Maybe I am simply growing old? Oh and the doctor wanted to put me on cholesterol busting statins but I tried them once before and they didn't agree with me. So I have changed my diet instead, and am trying to avoid too much sweet stuff and fatty stuff and especially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Oat bran, that is my secret weapon against cholesterol. It seems to be working. I have already lost weight after just one week. You might notice how skinny I look in the attached video. Don't be concerned though ladies I still have the physique of a young Adonis.

Anyway as I say yesterday I didn't feel too good to start with. And then at about midday I suddenly realised that I was feeling well again. I have no idea why. One minute I am down and the next I'm feeling great and back to my old self. Inexplicable! Or is it? Just before this sudden resurgence back to my fully potent sexually charged self I wrote this silly song, and my extremely handsome son George filmed me singing it.

It was after this that I began to feel better. In fact I felt so much better that I went to an open mic event last night. If you could have seen me dancing on the stage you would have thought, 'how can he say he doesn't feel well?'

I still feel good this morning. Maybe I should write another silly song. In fact I am thinking that instead of writing the next blog post I might sing it instead. What do you think of that idea? Don't answer that, I am joking. Or am I?

I do hope I find you well today, and I hope this feeling of well being continues for me. I will be back soon. There is lots to tell you.


  1. Hmmm. I do hope you get to the bottom of your malaise. It's true that getting older comes with some nagging complaints, but it doesn't sound entirely natural to me.

  2. Song is beautifully done, John. Your symptoms sound familiar --I feel groady during barometric extremes, a kind of migraine that passes when the air pressure and I adjust to each other.

    1. I think you may be on to something here Geo. Yesterday the weather had changed and we had a storm and a downpour. After which I did feel a lot better. Hot and muggy again today and once again I am feeling tired.
      I am pleased you liked the song.

  3. Silly songs are my absolute favorite type of music. You sounded a bit melancholic though. (Good word, right?) Anyway I hope you overcome your malaise. It is most likely a passing thing. I know what you mean about the medication for cholesterol. My doctor forced me to try 4, count them 4, different kinds because I was have bad reactions to them. The last one made me feel like I was disappearing so I put my foot down and said no more. Sometimes the cure will do you in faster than the disease.

  4. I enjoyed your silly song, it made me happy to see you outside all dressed like a rambling cowboy enjoying the bright sunshine.
    John, these melancholy feelings descend on all of us sometimes, and we can't seem to shake it, then it suddenly goes, just like it suddenly appeared.
    Don't worry about it too much, it happens to the best of us.
    Glad you're in a better mood.

  5. I could use some rain myself, yep could be the heat. Make sure you're getting enough protein too. Thanks for stopping by, I've missed you.

  6. Bummer, John. I hope the good feelings are still persisting and loved hearing you sing on the video. Take care buddy.

  7. Well I know that giving up the junk food has made me feel a whole lot better.
    I think a singing blog post sounds fun

  8. Have you had your blood sugar checked?

  9. Sorry to read you have been feeling poorly, John. Lately I have been feeling so tired but perhaps it is because I stay up past midnight watching videos on Netflix or reading. Perhaps that silling song did lift your spirits and hope the trend continues.

  10. John, I relate but feel mine are more a girl thing. :)
    Loved your song and yes I relate to a cat in my lap who claws. LOL!
    Off topic: I love your Gypsy Wagon and would like to see more photos. Ya...know I am really into tiny homes. wink...wink.

  11. Glad you feel much better later in the day. Maybe the weather made you feel a bit lazy and tired. Everything should be fine. I am taking oat bran too. Hope you have a great week ahead.