Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Things To Tell You.

Hello again.

The heatwave has disappeared and it took my lethargy with it. This means I am feeling back to my usual happy self. Well mostly. The sun has shrunk the fabric on my wagon's roof and with the onset of rain I am left with a legacy of more leaks. Legacy of leaks? Doesn't that sound pretentious? Why can't I just say the roof is leaking? Pretentious? What am I like eh? The forecast is for more sun and heat on Thursday (tomorrow) and if it dries things out enough I shall have to sort the roof out yet again. I suspect this will be an ongoing task. A bit like painting the Forth Bridge. In case you don't know about the Forth Bridge it is in Scotland. The painters used to get to one end and immediately have to start painting all over again. I think this doesn't happen nowadays. Some clever person invented a paint that lasts for about fifteen years. I suppose this is a good thing, but I can't help worrying about all those poor painters with nothing to do! It's in my nature you know. I am a very caring chap.
The Forth Bridge

I shall take this opportunity to update you my lovely readers on whats been happening around here lately.

The best news is that my extremely handsome son George who starts university in September, has been awarded a scholarship. He was nominated for it by his college teacher and hooray success! I am so proud of  EHS he just gets quietly on with things, with no fuss or bother. He was a bit put out to discover that the majority of the money award needs to be put towards his education though. He was hoping to buy a boat! This scholarship will go an awful long way to making his student loan more affordable.

EHS George's mum Tricia  has been selected to be a parliamentary candidate at the next general election in 2015. To be honest I'm not sure what this involves, but there is a chance she could become an MP. Blimey! I tell you what, she would be a very good one too. Whether it will be in this area we don't know. I suppose the powers that be need to try and ensure their candidates have a good chance of winning their seats so they will choose on that basis. Yaay! Tricia for Prime Minister!

You might recall that Christian Grey the cockerel met a sad end at the hands... in the teeth actually, of a fox. One of the hens, namely Miss White was incubating eggs at the time and I expressed scepticism as to whether they were fertile. This was because I had not seen Christian Grey doing the business. The good news is that Miss White successfully hatched out four chicks. This was about two weeks ago and so far they are thriving. This is Christian Grey's legacy. There is that word legacy again. I think it's justified this time though.
Miss White and chicks. It is difficult to get a good picture because she is so protective.

Finally today, here is a song I have written. It still needs a bit of work but I hope you like it.

Take care of yourselves. I hope to be back soon.


  1. First of all your song is a wonderful introspection. Then Congratulations to EHS George. He should be so proud of himself. And Trisha! My goodness what an honor. The offspring of Christian Grey and Miss White are a continuation of the family line. Do be careful clambering around on that roof. High places bother me a bit. It is good to have you feeling so chatty. I hope it continues.

  2. Loved the song, John. It's good to hear you singing again. Congratulations to EHS and Trishia, may they both succeed in what they're aiming to do. Oh and well done, Miss White, you did well, too.

  3. John, it's nice of you to check seem to be getting back to your happy self, and that's good.
    Hope you get your legacy of leaks fixed soon.
    It made my heart happy to know that Mr. Christian Grey's legacy will live on in his offspring. Keep them safe from the fox.
    I'm extremely happy for your EHS George...tell him I said Congrats!!
    Congrats are in order for Tricia as well....well done.
    Loved your song, and personally I don't think it needs too much tweaking.

  4. Maybe one of the chicks will grow up to be a big strapping fella like his daddy.

    Great news about the family's successes and before I go, John, I hope you do sort yourself out. You have a way with words, you know! Of course you know!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!! Does that cover it all?
    Jane x

  6. Let me try this again, had to leave for work this morning and didn't have time to comment.

    What a wonderful way to start a day, hearing you are feeling better! Congratulations to Tricia and EHS George on his scholarship, regardless of the amount every penny helps when it comes to student loans and getting an education!!

    Please, please keep us updated on those adorable little chicks! :)

    Love your new song. We all need to sort ourselves out once in a while, in fact I'm due for a good sortin' myself! ;)

  7. We had a good soaking rain today which helped my mood tremendously. That's fantastic about George and his scholarship. My daughter missed out on a big one when her cumulative grade score was just shy of what she needed. We're talking like 8/100 of a point. We were very disappointed. Anything to keep the loan part down is helpful.

  8. Hello again. I hope you have a marvelous birthday. Check that address of yours for something special.

  9. Me and Lea really enjoyed your song, John! Hope you are well. We are now in our new house so plenty of room for you when you visit.