Saturday, 10 August 2019

The Harley Davidson Motorbike.

The last few years have been a bit of a nightmare. To think it was less than three years ago I couldn’t walk more than a hundred yards without having to stop and rest. I thought my days were numbered for sure. My son-in-law bought me a mobility scooter I was that bad. I had suspected the cholesterol busting statins I was taking were the main cause of my problems. I stopped taking them and within a few weeks I was feeling a lot better. I recently decided to stop focusing on my health problems and just live my life as care-free as possible. PMA. Positive Mental Attitude. It seems to be doing the trick.
Last week I reached 72 years of age. Yeah, I know, those of you who have seen my photo find it hard to believe I’m that old. One of the ladies in the local shop couldn’t believe it when I told her. She was shocked.
“No way!” she exclaimed, adding, “You certainly don’t look it.” Which was very nice of her and I must admit I did feel flattered by her words. And too be honest I don’t feel 72. Not sure how old I do feel but it is younger than 72.
I told her, that for my Birthday present to myself I had bought a Harley Davidson motorbike.
“WHAT? She shouted out in a shocked voice, “A Harley? At your age? Are you having a mid-life crisis?”
“Well,” I said, “If it’s a mid-life crisis that’s fine by me because it would mean I am only 36 years old.”
So yeah, that’s it. That’s how old I feel, 36. I am in my prime of life.
Yeah, so I have bought myself a Harley Davidson. I have always wanted one and I thought if you don’t do it now John Boy you might never do it. Being 72 does mean that I have gained some wisdom. So, on Monday I am going to be starting a back to biking course and hopefully refresh the skills I had when I last rode a motorbike more than twenty years ago. I suspect some people think I am mental. They could be right. I do sometimes wonder that myself. But one of the joys of being 72 is that one doesn’t care what people think.
What I do know is, I am not going to be spending the rest of my days sitting on a bench in the park, wearing a beige coloured coat, and throwing bits of stale bread to the ducks!
No! I am going to be riding my Harley Davidson and admiring my reflection in shop windows as a glide by.
Maybe I will add a sidecar for Mia the German Shepherd.


  1. Bikes worry me. It's not so much the rider as the cars who don't think they have to be mindful of the motorcycles. Anyway you look good sitting on it. And I say that we have reached the time in our lives that we get to do the things we want to do.

  2. I think it's a wonderful idea to buy your Harley. Live life, enjoy yourself. A side car would be great if you wish to go further afield and you could take Mia. Are they detachable if not required? I am pleased that a 'get to know your bike' course is possible. Have fun John. X

  3. PMA. If only you could bottle it and sell it!
    Take care on that bike now, you will be fine.

  4. Congrats on entering a new era, John. A bike, huh? How brave you are ... just keep your distance from the mad drivers and riders on the roads.

  5. Happy belated birthday John!
    I love your new outlook on life. Do whatever makes you happy and ignor what others might think of you.

    What a fantastic birthday present to yourself, is it a Sportster? Careful admiring your reflection as you pass by.. always remember a Harley riders motto.
    "Live to ride, ride to live."
    P.s. I have the motto tattooed on my lower back! I use to be my ex-husbands 'bitch'! 🤣