Thursday, 12 February 2015

A Note From The King.

Granny, that’s Tricia’s mum, had another fall last week. She is in the hospital and was doing OK considering. She was due to move to a convalescent home today but she was sick last night and there was blood so she has to remain in hospital for tests. Hopefully things will be OK.

Tricia’s late father was a Freemason and the convalescent home is run by them. Tricia is happy in her mind that they will care for Granny well. The convalescent home is quite nearby here which is good. Tricia has been doing a 100 mile round trip every day since Granny’s fall.

Granny will not go home again. She is too frail now and confused a lot of the time.
After a few weeks in the convalescent home Granny is going to live in an old people’s home run by the Royal Air Force Association. This home is even nearer to us. During the second world war she was married to an RAF pilot who was sadly, like so many other brave young men, killed in action over Germany.

At 95 years old Granny must surely be one of very few remaining war widows. The anguish and sorrow she has endured is hard to think about.

PS The title I have given this post reflects my feelings about the note from the King. Not even her name or her husband's name on it. I do realise that His Majesty was busy at this time.


  1. I understand that heads of state have stately duties that need tending but I admit that when my brother died in Viet Nam I was offended by the form letters we received from several politicians. They could have at least taken the time to really sign them instead of using a stamp. I am so sorry to hear about Granny. Tricia must be beside herself. Hopefully the bleeding does not indicate something serious. Please let Tricia know I will have all of you on my "good thoughts" list.

  2. Sending prayers for Granny. It's good that the RAF Assoc. is taking care of things.

  3. Great memorabilia, always sad to see a generation passing. So much history will be forgotten.