Thursday, 5 February 2015

A Fur Point To Make.

Oh yeah, and I’ll tell you another fing an all. Human beans ain’t only stupid now they started off bleedin’ stupid. No. No. No listen before you get on your ‘igh ‘orse about it listen to this right? Okay?

Us human beans right we started off having fur right? Yeah and then we evolved right? Yeah? And we got rid of the fur right? Yeah?
So what happens then? We starts getting bleedin’ cold right? Yeah? On our bare skin. Right?

So we starts wearing animal skins right? Yeah we starts killing animals just for their fur so we could stay warm. It’s bleedin’ mental! Up until then we never killed animals, We didn’t need to. We was bleedin' warm enough. We ate nuts and fruit and berry’s and roots. Yeah? Anyway, that’s why I thinks human beans is stupid yeah? Right?

Course the fing is to kill animals you 'ave to 'ave weapons to kill the poor fings wiv. Yeah weapons right? Not tools.Tools is all right. Weapons! I don't fink I need to go into what happens when you invent weapons do I? Cor blimey you would 'ave thought we might 'ave learned 'ow wrong weapons is in the early days but did we? No, cos us human beans never learn. We is s'posed to be intelligent but we never learn. I mean, 'ere we are millions of bleedin' years later. Not only are we still killing animals but we are still killing each other! Anyway I am drifting off the point I'm trying to make. Where was I? Oh yeah.

And then yeah? Some human bean dipstick right? Finks to ‘itself, “I wonder wot that dead animal tastes like?” Yeah an that’s when it all kicked off and no poor bleedin’ animal was safe after that.

Yeah if human beans had kept their fur the world would be a much better place. Yeah? Right? You know wot I mean yeah?


  1. Yeah, right. You turning veggie?

  2. Your mind seems a bit like mine, there's not many of us about thank goodness.
    I'm always coming up with random thoughts and I drive Tom nuts, you see, he's just an ordinary mortal and we are not John. lol

  3. I am flabbergasted! No reply to this one.

  4. We are on the same page, John. I haven't felt right since my tail dropped off.

  5. Couldn't agree with you more!!

  6. I think you make a great point, John, and one I have never heard before. Millions of years of evolution and we humans are still a bunch of idiot assholes. Hopefully one day soon we will get it right.

  7. So THAT's why I feel the cold... I should have known. Thanks for enlightening me, John.