Monday, 12 January 2015

The Helpful Shop Assistant.

“Do you sell cup hooks?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Have you got brass ones?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Oh good, how much are they, please?”

“They are 40 pence each Sir.”

“I’d like two, please.”

“We only sell them in packets of six Sir.”

“You just said they were 40 pence each.”

“Yes Sir.”

“That would be eighty pence for two.”

“Yes Sir, eighty pence for two.”

“But you can only sell me a packet of six?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Why did you tell me they were 40 pence each then?”

“The pack costs £2.40 Sir. So 40 pence each.”

“But they would only be 40 pence each if you sold them singly.”

“No Sir, if we sold them singly they would be about 45 pence each probably.”

“So they are actually 45 pence each?”

“I will have to check that figure Sir if you would give me a couple of minutes.”

“No, that’s okay I’ll leave it thanks.”

“Is there anything else Sir?”

“Do you sell aspirins?”


  1. I really hate trying to deal with know-nothings who work at making me feel like I am stupid. Perhaps you should have purchased the package, took out the two hooks you wanted then sat the rest on the counter and asked for a refund at 45 pence each. His head might have exploded and you could go home with a smile on your face.

  2. Yup... we still have one "real" hardware store where you could actually get the two hooks.

  3. Emma's idea is good. In your shoes I would have been livid even though I can see the funny side.

  4. Hi John, I'm finally all caught up again with your blog...I'm still laughing at some of the stuff I have just write the most incredible and incredulous stuff.
    I have a few spare cup hooks, but they'd probably cost me an arm and a leg to mail to you.
    I did like the Elvis did a great job.
    Wishing you and everyone at the hub the best of everything for 2015.

  5. How many people want to buy 6 hooks at a time? Glad you stood your ground! Definitely head ache material!