Monday, 6 October 2014


I found an 'ook. A rubber coated 'ook. I was 'appy about it 'cos I needed an 'ook to 'ang something on. I put the 'ook in a safe place for later. An' then blow me down if a bit later on I didn't find another 'ook exactly the same! That's lucky I thought, and I went to put it in the safe place with the first 'ook.

Guess what? The first 'ook wasn't where I thought it was. So I put the second 'ook in another safe place. Where, believe it or not I found an 'ook. Oh, good I thought, I have found the first 'ook. But I could not for the life of me remember putting the first 'ook there. Then it suddenly occurred to me. Perhaps it wasn't the first 'ook. Perhaps I had found another 'ook altogether?

Anyway I took what I thought was the first 'ook, which might actually be a third 'ook, but which was now the second 'ook and put it with the second 'ook which was now the first 'ook because the first 'ook had gone missing, in the second 'ook's safe place.

And then, yes you have guessed it. I found the first 'ook. The original first 'ook. And as it happened, I was right about the third 'ook which I thought was the first 'ook being a third 'ook altogether.

So I now had three identical 'ooks. Well, almost identical 'ooks. I am able to tell them apart because the third 'ook which I thought was the first 'ook has got a bit of rust and the second 'ook is a bit discoloured and the first 'ook, the original 'ook which I renamed the second 'ook before I realised it was a third 'ook, is cleaner than the other two 'ooks.

All three 'ooks are now in a safe place!


  1. Most compelling story I've read all day. You must pitch this one to somebody in 'Ollywood.

  2. LoL and I hope you feel better soon. There's a moral to this story, if only I could think of it.

  3. As Captain 'Ook would say "Odds, Bods, 'ammer and Tongs!"

  4. You had me 'ooked after the first paragraph!

  5. You made me smile with this 'ook story are very good at capturing my attention.
    Hope all three 'ooks will be put to good use.