Friday, 24 October 2014

Hands, Knees And Bumps-A-Daisy.

If you put your elbow on a table and raise your lower arm it is possible to rest your head on your hand. I think it is amazing the way hands are attached to wrists which in turn are attached to the end of arms. And also the way arms are able to bend at the elbow, which just happens to be smack bang in the middle of the arm. I mean can you imagine how awkward life would be if we couldn't rest our head in our hands like this? Or bend at the elbow? We would have to kind of slump forward with our head resting on the table. Not a good idea, especially if one happens to be eating a bowl of soup at the time ones head reaches optimum heaviness. It is possible, although quite messy, to eat soup whilst resting ones head on ones hand. I did it a lot when I was a moody, lethargic teenager.

I like the way legs bend at the knee. This is amazingly useful and saves us having to sit with our legs sticking out. If legs didn't bend we would have to make all chairs with built in footstools. What a lot of extra space that would take up. Houses would have to be twice as big. Doesn't bear thinking about! On the subject of sitting, isn't it wonderful to have our bottoms in just the right place to do so?

And feet? If we didn't have feet the ends of our legs would be all frayed. Not to mention the fact we would have nothing to put our shoes on.

Ears are usefully placed also. One on each side of the head. How would people who wear glasses be able to manage if there was nothing to hold them on? Not forgetting how important it is to have the nose situated where it is to stop the glasses slipping down our face.

Of course there are some parts of our bodies not so conveniently placed. But I'm not going to go there. Certainly not!


  1. First of all I love the picture of Mia as your new header. It is one of your better ones. It is truly amazing at how our bodies adapted themselves to accommodate the things we wish to do. And how perceptive of you to notice.

  2. You may have the cart before the goat, but who am I to say? Good info about the soup eating.

  3. Bernard Bresslaw sang a song about this didn't he?

  4. Oh dear John, you have given me quite a bit to think all makes a lot of sense, but then most of your ramblings do..
    Love your new header photo....beautiful capture of the gorgeous Miss Mia.