Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Sweet And Lovely Maisie.

It seems an age since I last sat at my keyboard, but it is only a couple of weeks. I have not been in the right frame of mind to be writing. It fact my mind has been feeling really gloomy. Gloomy enough to match the horrid black cloud weather that has been with us lately. Wet and windy. Wet, wet and more wet. The paddock has been flooded almost continuously for weeks. Getting to the wagon door has entailed walking through mud nearly every day and of course despite my best efforts the mud and wet gets dragged inside. The place is in a proper mess. It's a good job I am a bloke on my own!

And the bloody roof has been leaking again! So much for that fantastic new roof waterproofer I used in the summer. The one with the 15 year guarantee!

Wellington boots have been the order of the day every day. And walking with Mia the German Shepherd is hard work in 'wellie's'.

I'm blaming Mia TGS for the bad weather. She brought it with her when she arrived here on 12th December last and I do believe we have not had a day without rain since that day! I would like to have it proudly recorded that despite torrential downpours and gale force winds we have still been bravely venturing forth on our walks every day. Although there was a day when Mia TGS, not me, lay down and refused to take another step into the teeth of a particularly nasty hailstone laden gale. We turned around that day and got blown home.

But the weather is not the reason for my gloom. I can deal with that.

My granddaughter, the sweet and lovely Maisie is unwell. It is a few months since her symptoms first appeared. She has been experiencing a lot of pain and bumps and lumps have appeared on her ribs. Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) has been diagnosed. I believe this is a condition that can be successfully treated, but now other symptoms have appeared, and things are potentially more serious. She has many signs of something called Marfans Syndrome a connective tissue condition. It is too complicated for me to go into so I shall not attempt to do so.

My Extremely Beautiful Daughter Jodie, Maisie's mother, has however become very knowledgeable about it. She is also gaining knowledge about the machinations of the National Health Service. The National Health Service once widely regarded as the best in the world, is in a bad way. A very bad way. One of the main reasons being, to my way of thinking at least, too many managers and not enough medical staff. These hospital trust managers earn more than the doctors! And I think (I could be wrong) that there are more of them than doctors! I think the managers are meant to save the NHS money. Perhaps they do, but most of it lines their own pockets!

Without these managers perhaps more ultra scanners could be bought, and people in urgent need would not have to wait several months before their turn comes around to have one? Perhaps my EBD Jodie would not have needed to write to her member of parliament pleading for Maisie's appointment to be brought forward. Why does a child have to wait so long for treatment in this day and age? Why, when a child has something so potentially damaging isn't that child's treatment started immediately?

We don't know for sure if Maisie does have Marfans Symdrome. Of course we hope and pray not. But unbelievably it will be six months, until all the relevant tests have been done and a definite diagnosis can be given. Six months!

The gloomy weather. I can deal with that no trouble. As EBD Jodie says: "You are a tough man dad to live the life you do". But sometimes life requires a different kind of toughness.

Maisie has consented to me writing this blog post.


  1. Poor little girl...andhow worried her mother must be.
    I do hope the results - when they come - are encouraging, and how I agree with you about the way in which the NHS is run...yet another example of 'business' practice ruining a great institution.
    Sometimes i think deliberately ruining it.

  2. I have read a lot about Marfans thinking several years ago that my step son was afflicted. I went in a round about way not wanting to but in and he said that he had already been tested for it as a younger lad. I can't imagine waiting that long for a diagnosis, especially when it's your child. Wishing you all well and for the weather to clear.

  3. I do understand how you feel having been through similar circumstances. Immediately is not soon enough. It is inexcusable that anyone in need of medical care should have to wait. When it is a child there are not even words. Working people in the US rely on the health insurance provided by their employers. In the past few years the insurers have begun to dictate what and how a person will be treated. They also restrict the length of time and/or funds will be allotted for treatment. It is a sad state of affairs. I will be holding good thoughts for Maisie. A cyber hug to Maisie and please keep us informed. Maisie stay happy. That is the best way to make yourself feel better.

  4. So sorry to hear about Maisie's health problem, but I'm saying a prayer for her that it won't be too serious and that she gets the needed tests soon.
    In the meanwhile John, EBD Jodie is right...."You are a tough man to live the life you do". But sometimes life requires a different kind of toughness.
    Surround Maisie with lots of love and positive thoughts and all of your friends here will keep her in their thoughts and prayers for a cure to her ailment.
    Love and BIGGGGG cyber hugs to you all.

  5. Reaching out across the hemispheres to send my love and care to you. Here's hoping Maisie gets the treatment she needs in a respectable time frame. If it makes you feel any better about the weather, we have been experiencing the same weather and its supposed to be summer.

  6. Oh dear. I sure hope you find out what Masie's problems are sooner than six months. I'm not a fan of socialized medicine.

  7. I believe we are fortunate in this country as waiting lists are much shorter here with more direct treatment when there is urgent need. Hope all works out for Masie and her mum!

  8. So sad to read this news, John, especially when it is your granddaughter who is suffering. Our thoughts are with you and your family for a hopefully better (and soon) diagnosis.

  9. Well wishes are being sent your way through this difficult time.