Sunday, 26 January 2014

Not About Mia the German Shepherd.

I have decided not to mention Mia the German Shepherd in this post today (Oh damn!) she has been getting far to much exposure, and I don't want her to start getting a big head. So that is the decision and that is final.

The fox has visited three times in the last week and has killed and taken the cockerel, the new hen, and today Miss Grey has gone too. So only Miss Brown and Miss White left now. Far too many foxes around here and it seems the days when my hens could lead a natural free ranging life has gone. Very sad about that. Of course when Sadie the German Shepherd was alive she dedicated a lot of her time to protecting the hens, but Mia the GS (Oh damn!) does not have those skills yet. It is so ironic that now Mia the GS (Oh damn!) has finally learned not to chase the hens that the way things are going, there won't be any left to chase anyway.

Mia the GS (Oh damn!) and I went for a walk with Samantha and Ned the Border Collie the other day. We haven't walked together since Sadie the GS died last October, and this was Sam and Ned's first time of meeting Mia the GS (Oh damn!) and though it was lovely too see them again, it was not a walk that could be described as peaceful and relaxing. This due to Mia the GS (Oh damn!) behaving badly towards poor Ned for most of the walk. Mostly down to Mia the GS's boisterous behaviour. She still has much to learn about manners. On our next walk we are going to keep both dog's on the lead until Mia the GS (Oh damn!) has her excitement under control.

No photographs with this post because my camera has gone on the blink. I will have to ask my neighbour Steve to find a way around the problem. He usually manages to sort my computer glitches out for me. I mention this about my camera because I have just seen a jackdaw in the apple tree and in twenty years I have never seen one in the paddock. Oh well another historical moment missed.

That's it for now. Sorry not to have mentioned Mia the GS (Oh damn!) but important as she is, life is not all about her.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your hens....hungry foxes are a menace to poultry.

    It hasn't been easy to keep Mia's training going with the vile weather...but you will get there.

  2. Personally I enjoy hearing about Mia the GS (Hallelujah). It sounds like she is coming along quite nicely. I will have to do some research and find you a natural fox repellant. Maybe we can save the last of the chickens.

  3. For you not wanting to mention Mia the German Shepherd, you still referred to her ten times in this cute.
    So sorry to hear about the loss of more of your chickens....something needs to be done about that darn fox.

  4. You have me smiling yet again. Sad about the chooks though, but I hope they just scarpered and will return to their home in good time. We have spotted quolls down here that kill chooks for sport, they just bite their necks and leave the poor chooks to die. You could understand it if it was part of the food chain, but NO! Anyway my girls are safe in a quoll proof residence, thank heavens.

  5. Bummer about the chickens. I like foxes, but I don't have a henhouse. You did well to not mention Mia the GS

  6. Don't ever stop telling us about Mia, John... smiles. Sad to hear about the hens, though. Damn that fox.