Tuesday, 28 January 2014

No Excuse For My Nastiness.

I am so upset with myself today. I lost my temper with Mia the German Shepherd. My beautiful daughter Jodie was upset with me too and gave me a right good telling off. She called me "a fucking idiot" and pointed out to me in no uncertain terms that Mia is not responsible for any mishaps that might occur, because she is a dog and she does not know any better.

I was trying to stop Mia the GS from chasing and biting Skye the Labrador and I am ashamed that in doing this I hit her with the lead. I am telling you this because I want you to know that I am not a perfect dog owner, I am just a bloke who sometimes let's his frustrations get in the way of progress. I could tell you all about the events that led up to me being in a foul mood today, but it would serve no purpose and besides Mia The German Shepherd has no idea about the way her behaviour affects my mood.

This chasing and biting behaviour obviously needs to be addressed. She has also started nipping at my clothing when she gets excited. I do not believe for one moment that Mia the GS is a nasty dog. I think her behaviour stems from over excitement. I have a theory that perhaps she was removed from her mother and litter mates too early, perhaps before she had the chance to learn that biting was not nice. My losing control will not help things in the least.

Mia the German Shepherd has forgiven me, she is in truth a kind and affectionate dog who, apart from this, is learning her lessons well. Jodie and I are friends again too. I however have not forgiven myself. Serves me right, this bad way I feel about myself. I am such a bastard!


  1. Dogs can teach us much about forgiveness.

  2. I have had Rosco since he was 7 and a half weeks and he is now 8, he too when excited can mouth still, its their of communicating but can get it wrong sometimes.Its still early days with Mia and she's still young. In time she will be your perfect companion.

  3. You are right...from my own experience with dogs anyway, the nipping is over excitement, not nastiness.

    Do you now of any enclosed space where Mia could run off some of her energy...she's very young still, after all.

  4. I think you expect too much of her too soon. She is still learning your routine, how you do things, what she is supposed to do. Stick to basic commands, a sharp NO, when she does wrong, and praise when she does well. Reward when she is a good girl. You will get there.

    It isn't the best of weather at the moment, I think we are all feeling a bit grumpy. It will pass.

  5. I am glad that you recognize that you were wrong in the way you treated Mia the GS. It makes me feel especially good that your EBD Jodie cares enough about you and Mia The GS to call you on it and then put it to the side. You are a fortunate man. Now all you need to do is find a kind solution to the biting problem and keep your other moods from interfering. Good luck.

  6. As long as Mia has forgiven you, it's okay.
    We have to try so very hard not to take our frustrations out on others around us, and that includes our canine friends.
    Both you and Mia have been through a lot, and it's a miracle that you two have found each other to lean on.
    Learn from this experience and move on...Mia surely has.

  7. Dogs don't hold grudges, John, so forgive yourself and move on.

  8. The sooner you give yourself a break and forget, then the sooner you may be able to move forward, as others have commented John. It is not easy to hold back our frustrations when other things are nothing us. Hopefully things will get better, including your weather.