Friday, 15 March 2013

Sadie And Skye

Sadie and Skye.

Sadie and Skye.
This past year it seems we never get a good long run of dry weather. Last summer the strawberry fair which has been going successfully for many years was actually cancelled due to the rain. The field where the cars park was too waterlogged to be used. It might sound quite strange. You may be thinking why couldn't the cars park on the roadside. Well the event takes place in a field which is only approachable along a narrow road. There is just nowhere to park without blocking all other vehicles.

I am sure all this wet weather is having an effect on peoples moods. It certainly is on mine. There is, despite all this bad weather, an upside to this. Because when the sun does shine and the day has some warmth in it, it is such a pleasure to go for a nice walk.

My daughter Jodie and I went walking yesterday. Although I am still feeling a little unwell I am so glad Jodie persuaded me to go with her, because the sun was so nice and I am sure the warmth of it did me a power of good.

Jodie had her new Labrador puppy Skye with her, and of course Sadie the German Shepherd came along with us too.

Skye was allowed off her lead for the first time. She was so well behaved for a twelve week old pup. Jodie is doing a great job of training her. Also she didn't interfere too much with Sadie, who showed a lot of patience.

Something has gone wrong with this post. Everything is getting all jumbled up. I have tried to sort it out but I can't. Some of the writing has changed colour. What is going on? Maybe it is to match my mood?

To be honest I am sitting here feeling unwell again. Poor Tricia has now gone down with this bug too. Such a shame. We hoped she might have got away with it.

I am off to bed now. Maybe I will feel better tomorrow. The weather forecast is not good. More rain coming. What a flipping surprise!

What a miserable and disjointed post this has turned out to be. Sorry about that.

I hope the photos of Sadie and Skye make you happy.


  1. Cute dogs always make me happy...incessant bloody Canadian winter DOES NOT.
    Jane xx

  2. Sadie and Skye are have such a frolic. I hope you all feel better soon. It makes everyone even more miserable when the whole family is ill. Chicken soup.

  3. You might be suffering from SAD which is seasonal affective disorder. It's common here in Tasmania during winter as well.

  4. Raining here as well, what a chuffin pain. Are you eating enough proper food John, I think you need building up a bit. Lots of love xxx

  5. Don't worry, I like to use the phrase 'Everything passes' when I feel like I've had enough.
    I do know how you feel and there are lots of bloggers feeling the same with different types of so called virus.
    do hope you soon feel better and back to your more usual tongue in cheek posts.
    Hope Sadie is okay as well, looks like she gets on well with the little fellow.
    Keep warm

  6. Miserable weather to be feeling miserable, John, but strangely appropriate. Hope you all will be feeling better soon. We too are getting more unneeded rain this weekend.

  7. Feel better, John. Hope you and the weather improve quickly. Take care.

  8. Never was much a believer in the SAD theory until this winter. Dreary here in the US midwest too (Minneapolis), and it has an effect.

    Great blog here. Met you through Geo, and will return often.

  9. John, I do hope you feel better son.
    When the weather is nasty outside, I usually turn some nice music on, and do some inside "to do" chores, watch a good movie, or read a good book.
    Take some supplements and keep building your body back up....we need you.