Monday, 11 March 2013

Following My Own Blog!

I have another follower. Actually I don't. I seem to have become a follower of my own blog. What happened was that my darling daughter Jodie decided she would be a follower. Unfortunately she tried to do it on this computer, and it thought she was me. Oh well. Never mind.

Do you think I can delete myself? I have tried to no avail. I simply cannot find a way to do it. If you know how to do it would you please let me know? Thank you.

I have just had a thought. Maybe I can increase my following by keep on joining my own blog? That wouldn't be so bad would it? Besides there are times when, even if I say it myself, it can be quite interesting. Hey I could follow myself hundreds of times. I could make this blog go viral!

Talking of viral. Is that the same as virus? My extremely handsome son George and I have got a coughing virus. It is a nasty cough and seems to be at its worse when we try to sleep. I am supposed to be working, but I am too exhausted. I think age is catching up with me. I call it a virus because George went to the doctor today and she confirmed it as such. Poor George is in his third week of it and it is making him very grumpy. Grumpiness is not something he normally suffers from. The thing about this illness is that it seems to come and go. Just when you think it has finally gone, back it comes. I suppose we just have to ride it out. It is making me grumpy too, but I am a miserable old sod anyway, so maybe nobody will notice?

Winter has returned to the south coast with a vengeance today. Snow with blizzard conditions, Normally EHS George and I would be happy to see a bit of snow, and would take to the hills with our sledges, but not this time. Neither of us can summon up the enthusiasm due to this illness.

I have noticed that Sadie the German Shepherd is looking a bit thin. Also she has taken to eating the hens food something she would not normally do. It is odd that she should be losing weight like this because we have not been walking much these last few days. I will keep a close watch on her, but there doesn't appear to be any problems. Maybe she too is getting old? Today I doubled her normal feed. She will be having lunch as well as dinner for a while to see if she gains weight. She ate both meals. There is nothing wrong with her appetite.

While I am on the subject of Sadie, I notice that the pet insurance has gone up suddenly. This policy I have for the dog and the cat seemed like a bargain when I took it out three years ago at eighteen pounds a month. Now it has, without warning increased to nearly thirty six pounds! I feel as though I am being robbed. I suppose I could change insurers, but that will not be easy now that Sadie is getting on in years. It does seem like a form of robbery, don't you think? Or is this just another example of me being grumpy?

I don't think I want this grumpy old sod following my blog. I think he has to go. Help!


  1. Pet insurance? I don't even have any for me. But I hope Sadie is OK. Maggie is in her last months.

  2. John, I've unfollowed a couple blogs and it's a lot like signing up to follow. There's just some variation after signing in that enables it in a way I don't remember but it can be done. However, I noticed your icon way back on the third page of your follower list and nobody's going to poke around back there. Don't worry about it. No one will think you vain unless you do try going viral with yourself. Ah, modern problems, eh?

  3. I lost a follower today..are they here by accident?
    Jane x

  4. Maybe that's how I could increase my readership; by following my own blog. Hope you all get to feeling better soon. I've never had pet insurance. As with all insurance it's just the price you pay for a 'what if' instance. Even though our dog has had a few emergency procedures, I don't think insurance would have been in our best interest financially.

  5. For those nasty coughs there are quite a few natural soothers. Most people think immediately of honey and lemon which works very well. The best is to chop an onion very fine. Put it in a small jar like a baby food jar. Cover it with sugar and let it sit until it becomes syrupy. You can take a teaspoonful of the syrup as often as needed. As the syrup level goes down just add more sugar. It sounds nasty but actually tasted good and works better than elixirs from the drug store not to mention how inexpensive it is.
    I do hope Sadie begins to feel better. My dog has been acting as if she has the blues lately. Maybe they are hoping for spring..

  6. While you are enduring blizzards, we are having heat waves down here in the antipodes. It's been 35 degrees C here today and it will a struggle trying to sleep with an overnight low of 20C. I've just closed up the blackout blinds and turned on the air conditioner to keep cool. Unheard of for March in Tasmania!

  7. Sorry to ear you and the handsome one are not well. Hope you both get over it soon. There is a way to stop following. Click on the little icon next to the following gadget, then click 'sign in' then it says how do you want to follow or stop following this site. Good luck.

  8. Don't fret about following your own blog, lots of people do it, whether accidentally or intentionally. It doesn't really matter.

    Don't want to worry you, but keep your eye on Sadie. Eating a lot and losing weight needs checking out with the vet. See how it goes.

  9. I cancelled all of my pet insurances when they hiked them up so high, I just put money aside each month its surprising how quickly it mounts up.
    As for the cough, its a bout a 3-4 week job, I've just got rid of mine.
    Do hope Sadie is going to be okay, I know I worry more about the animals than the humans. lol

  10. I've lost three followers... at least I think I have. One minute they're there, the next they're gone.

    Hope the cough disappears soon, our weather doesn't help. Tip: if you suffer from phlegm in the throat try putting a small dab of salt on your tongue. I got the tip from my chiropractor and it works.

    Hope Sadie is okay.

  11. Hope you get well soon John. Any chance of seeing a picture of that grey Fergie yet? We are tractor mad here on our smallholding in Ireland.

  12. I have never had pet insurance, never saw the need. I take care of all my vet bills as I go along. Actually, I'm not even sure if we have pet insurance here, I must check it out.
    Please have Sadie checked out with your vet, to make sure that she is okay, since the signs you mentioned can be indications of serious illnesses.
    I hope both you and George soon feel better again...I know how it is to be not feeling well.
    Take care.

  13. John, the symptoms you and George are dealing with are the same ones for me. During a visit to our medical provider last week, I asked about it and was told it was not a virus or infection and the annoying cough would go away...eventually. I agree with other comments that you should get Sadie checked out for possible ailments as unexpected weight loss is never a good sign with humans.

  14. Have the vet check Sadie,if she doesn't start gaining it back it's a small price for reassurance.

  15. You are being ripped off with the insurance and have every right to be grumpy.Glad you've found me.

  16. Such a thing as pet insurance over there? Never heard of it.