Monday, 18 March 2013

Looking Back.

The header photo is of my grey fergie tractor. I took it last summer on what must have been one of the few nice days we had weatherwise. To be honest I never realised what a nice photo it is until some of you made mention of it, but yes it is a nice scene. Rural and tranquil. It was only in that position for a couple of hours. I moved it out of the tractor shed when I was preparing for my birthday party. That was a great night!
I came across the photo when I was looking for one to show Dave. Dave likes tractors. You can find his blog at Well worth a visit.

I have been looking back at some of the party pictures. Well they are mainly preparations for the party. It was a fantastic party. I think I should do it again.

The party's over.

I have been doing some decorating today. Strange how being alone in a room for hours gets the mind thinking about things. I must admit they were not particularly happy thoughts. Mostly I was thinking about recent changes in my life. I despair sometimes at my ability to ruin relationships. What is it about me that causes me to be so bloody stubborn? Oh well, if I don't know now, I suppose I never will. I just have to live with it. Onwards and upwards as they say. Whoever they are.


  1. I thought it was "onwards and offwards"--at least that was my battle cry leaving the house for work for forty years. Nice to see the aftermath of your birthday party. Only caught preparations and erections before. Yes, do that again, many times!

  2. It was fun looking at the pictures of your party. Of course you should do it again. Any excuse to enjoy people you like is good. Now then I am not trying to be mean to anyone... far from it. Did you ever consider that the fault is not all yours? I, along with several others in my family, have what my kids call a "bad picking gene". It simply means that we have a knack for choosing the wrong person for us. They might be a perfectly good match for someone else but not for us.

  3. Thanks for telling readers about my blog, John. I think you have got something very special with your tractor photographs. Why don't you paint pictures or photograph old farm machinery? I am sure they would be very popular with followers of this blog and the world at large. I have an oil painting by a Cornish artist: David Robert. He paints scrap vintage cars in rural settings. Will take a photograph and write a post about it later. Thanks again.

  4. 'Did you ever consider that the fault is not all yours?' I go along with Emma's view and I definitely think you should have another party. Are you still drawing and painting? You're a real artist so I hope you don't abandon it.

  5. I am in love with grey fergie...I hope I don't have to fight Dave for him.
    Jane x

  6. Fifty million Frenchmen can't be wrong they say...maybe the fault is not yours.
    Cheer up and keep on living life....after all you've still got all of us, your blog friends, and we all care about you.

  7. Hey John,
    Just wanted to let you know that Paul had a bad accident in a bike race in New Zealand. (Paul from Seasons Full Circle.) He is in the hospital, recovering. Lea wrote a post about it.
    Sorry to give you bad news but thought you would want to know.
    Kay (Georgia Girl With An English Heart)

  8. Thank you Kay, I was aware and I have been in touch with Paul. x

  9. Maybe after all these years it is not you but it is them. Maybe flipping the script will give you a better outlook on it. I definitely think you should throw another party. Looks like last year's party was a great one and one that I wish I could have been at. Take care John and keep fighting the good fight.

  10. John, I feel the same way way as you...when it comes to a relationship. I feel we need to find someone who accepts our need to be alone. Yet...then we are great at being cozy. Go figure??? It has always confused the (past) men in my life. Plus it has confused myself. Do you relate???

    1. I can relate to this entirely Jean, and confusion has always been with me. Thank you for your comment.

  11. I love the tractor picture. Sorry if you said or did something that hurt someone. Apologies usually work pretty well, if the other person can see that you care.